BitFleet – the application for the follow-up of car fleet

BitFleet application helps solve the problems with the car fleet and badly kept records of the vehicle itinerary. While creating this application, we were facing with the frustration and money loss caused by data kept in notebooks and Excel tables. Therefore, we focused to create the application which facilitates the systematization and digital entering the data about maintenance costs and mileage. No more dirty, untidy paper reminders – we made every information readily available.

This follow-up of the vehicles will be easier with additional advantages of the savings on the maintenance costs and better organization. With smartphones in wide usage, the application has a possibility of a simple entering of the vehicle’s description and a photograph, noting the fuel consumption, service, reminders, etc. This application is intended both to the business and individual users.

The end result of the BitFleet is creating an ID of every vehicle, with easy reviewing and the optimization of its costs.

BitFleet is translated into English and German. We think it could satisfy the needs of any market and our target group are the small and medium-sized companies with the car fleets.

BitFleet – We do it just a Bit better!

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