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Why not use LinkedIn and Twitter in your online marketing?

The Ofir Company could maintain your LinkedIn and Twitter accounts (as well as Facebook and Instagram), following your business activities and keeping in touch with your target population.


LinkedIn is generally not considered to bi popular enough to justify investment. However, we can prove this opinion wrong, taking into consideration more than 500 million professional users world wide, making it the largest business network.

LinkedIn is a specialized social media for business users, which makes it excellent for the B2B communication and marketing. Its power to target the users is fantastic. In contrast to the Facebook, it does not focus on age, sex, visited pages, location, etc. Its main aim is to determine the business profile of users: current or former working place, size of the company and business branch, educational degree, skills and similar parameters.

LinkedIn has a function of a monthly budget you have to spend, which may sound horrifying however small it is. Especially if you are not sure into the return of investments.

Therefore LinkedIn offers the possibility of payment per view or click. Sponsored contents is on the home page of all users (similar to the Facebook). It leads to the certain contents on your page or consists of the new contents. There are also short textual advertisements with a link directing to your web page and sponsored messages in the inboxes, that should be sent from the promoters so that the communication remains credible.

It is interesting that on LinkedIn you can use textual, graphic or video advertisements, or its combination. It is important to know how to use every ad and highlight its advantages in front of the huge business public in the best possible way.

What is our task?

We find the appropriate target group for your product or service, we point to your advantages in comparison with the competing firms, create and design notifications, lead and optimize the campaigns in favour of your marketing, create and adjust web pages, actively manage your LinkedIn account writing interesting and relevant contents, communicate with your followers and friends, write detailed monthly and quarterly reports about the achieved results.

Spending years in digital marketing, we gained respect and trust of our clients and helped them their business grow with them. Contact our creative team, launch your business into the stars!


Twitter is one of the largest social media and advertising platforms. In Croatia, most Twitter members belong to the IT community. According to their own statistics (number of users, tweets, etc.), there are more than 240 million active users. It it, therefore, understandable that your advertising activities should start there.

On Twitter, instead of friends, there are followers, and a message may contain up to 280 characters. Similar to Instagram, you can use hashtags, which will enable you to come into touch more easily with your target audience, with similar interests and diverse profiles.

There is also a pay-per-effect option – you pay only when you reach your aim in marketing! For example, if you pay the promotion for the application, you pay only per number of installations. If you pay for the attracted audience, you pay only per number of followers. In addition to this, it is possible to determine simply and accurately your target audience. Twitter enables you individual targeting by using hashtags or keywords mentioned on the accounts of users who reacted on your previous tweets. You can even target followers of other profiles or pages.

On the positive side, Twitter is relatively young social media, with less competitors. A carefully designed tweet, aimed at the precisely targeted audience, could launch your notification high into the sky. Also, you should not miss “event targeting” – you could create advertisements and time your tweets in coordination with them.

Another advantage is the “lead generation” – a specially created Twitter advertisements offering the users (who previously agreed that they are interested into your marketing and left their email address) to receive your notifications. It takes only one click to generate larger audience for your products and services!

What is our task?

We find a suitable target audience for your products or services, we emphasize your advantages over your competitors, we create and design your notifications and tweets, optimize your campaigns, create and adapt your web page, manage your Twitter account, write interesting and relevant contents, communicate with your followers and create detailed monthly and quarterly reports.

After many years in digital marketing, we gained experience, respect and trust of our clients, helping their business to grow with us. Contact our creative team and launch your business into the sky!

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