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– German Design Award Winner 2024 for Excellent Product Design in Computer and Communicaton

– With the KW 9200 MINI, CHERRY is introducing a top-class product that leaves nothing to be desired in terms of technical features, quality and design. The extra-slim keyboard in compact format is perfectly suited for various areas of application and a lifestyle on the move.
If you want a compact keyboard that’s as comfortable to use as a full size one, the KW 9200 MINI is the ideal choice.

Rechargeable multi-device compact keyboard with 2.4 GHz wireless, Bluetooth® 5.0 and cable connection
– Mobile working at its very best: The flat CHERRY KW 9200 MINI keyboard without numerical keypad can be easily transported from A to B and, despite its compact size, is just as easy to use and delivers the exact same quality as a full-size keyboard. With the rechargeable multi-device keyboard, you can control up to four devices at the same time and conveniently switch between two Bluetooth channels, a 2.4 GHz wireless channel and a cable channel. Whether for business or pleasure: There are no limits to your flexibility.

A compact keyboard to suit all your needs
– Work on the PC in the office for the first half of the day, finish a task on your laptop at home, and then continue working on your tablet after a short coffee break in a café? No problem: The CHERRY KW 9200 MINI can do it all. It is also a reliable companion on business trips and ensures that you can work just as comfortably – even while on the road. Which transmission method you choose in which work environment is entirely up to you.

– For example, you can connect the small wireless keyboard to your computer at home via the included nano USB receiver, use it as a Bluetooth® keyboard for your tablet when you are in a café, and use the included cable to connect the mini keyboard to your PC in the office. Using the F1 to F4 keys, you can switch between the different transmission channels in seconds and work on the end device of your choice. The included carrying case made of recycled plastic ensures that nothing gets damaged.

Several weeks of undisturbed typing without charging
– With the detachable USB-A to USB-C cable, you can not only connect the KW 9200 MINI to an end device, but also use it to recharge the keyboard at the same time. Incredibly practical: You can continue to work and simultaneously charge the compact keyboard with multi-device function. The integrated lithium battery lasts for weeks. When it’s time to charge, the status LEDs on the mini Bluetooth keyboard let you know by starting to flash.

Modern and yet familiar
– Although the CHERRY KW 9200 MINI is a compact keyboard without a numeric keypad, you still have the familiar layout of a full-size keyboard. Apart from the missing numeric keypad and the arrow keys – which are now located at the bottom right of the keyboard – the spacing of the main keypad is exactly the same making it easy to find your way around. Therefore, anyone who touch types will feel immediately at home on the keyboard and shouldn’t have any problems. The minimalist design featuring the keys on a red background* makes the wireless mini Bluetooth keyboard an eye-catcher in any work environment.
* Keyboard is not backlit

SX scissor mechanism for an unparalleled typing experience
– The in-built CHERRY SX scissor mechanism – which is known for its flat keys as well as a particularly quiet, precise typing feel – promises to be extremely satisfying and easy to use. This means that you can type in comfort when using the small, wireless Bluetooth keyboard and do so fluidly and without errors.

Ergonomics and a tidy desk
– The compact dimensions of the Bluetooth keyboard with multi-device function are not only an advantage when working on the go: Since it takes up very little space, it also makes your desk look immediately tidier in the office or home office. The CHERRY compact keyboard is also impressive from an ergonomic point of view: Since there is no numeric keypad on the right side, your mouse arm is closer to the keyboard, which means you automatically adopt an optimized shoulder posture and can minimize tension. To adjust the angle of the mini keyboard, simply fold out the stable feet.

– The CHERRY KW 9200 MINI is the perfect mix of design, quality, and technical features. No matter whether PC, laptop, smartphone or tablet: The compact keyboard can be connected effortlessly, making it a practical and reliable companion in any work environment.

– 4 transmission channels: Two Bluetooth 5.0 low energy channels, one 2.4 GHz wireless channel and one wired channel
– Extra-small nano receiver for wireless operation
– Removable USB-A to USB-C cable for data transfer and charging the lithium battery
– AES-128 encryption in Bluetooth and 2.4 GHz mode
– Includes carrying case made of recycled plastic
– Precise CHERRY SX scissor mechanism for an ideal operating feeling
– Status LEDs show low battery and charging status
– Status LEDs integrated directly in the CAPS LOCK, NUM and FN keys
– Easy access to special functions via FN key
– Color LEDs indicate selected connection
– Durable key labels
– Solid metal plate in keyboard
– Stable, fold-out feet for height adjustment
– Slim, extra-compact dimensions – ideal for out and about
– Aesthetic statement with red keys and minimalist design

Technical data
– Weight main product: 442 g
– Dimensions product: 295,49 mm x 129,03 mm x15,86 mm
– Storage temperature: -20 °C – 60 °C
– Working temperature: 0 °C – 40 °C
– Product approvals:
* CE
* China RoHS
– System Requirements-Hardware: Bluetooth 4.0 or higher USB-A
– Operating system: Windows 7 or higher
– Scope of delivery: Keyboard, Dongle, USB-A to USB-C Cable, Manual, Pouch
– Software support: CHERRY KEYS

– Battery rechargeable: yes
– Number of batteries: 1
– Battery type: Li-Ion
– Battery replaceable: no
– Battery design: Special
– Battery charging socket: USB-C

– Anti-ghosting: not specified
– Adjustable feet: integrated
– Integrated metal plate: yes
– Palm rest : Palm rest not available
– Internal memory :no
– Service life per key (in million strokes): 10 mio. actuations
– Max. current consumption (mA) of keyboard :6 mA
– N-key rollover : not specified
– Special key functions :FN
– Status LEDs :in keys
– Keyboard format: Compact (75%)
– Keycap material: ABS
– Key labeling: Pad Printing + UV coating
– Key technology: Scissor
– Key encryption: AES-128
– USB hub: no
– Sealing: no

– Bluetooth protocol: Bluetooth 5.0
– Bluetooth range (m): 10 m
– Wireless range (m): 10 m
– USB dongle: yes
– 2.4 Ghz wireless connection: yes
– Connection via Bluetooth: yes
– Encryption in Bluetooth mode: yes
– Encryption in wireless mode: yes

Delivery Content
– Manual
– Dongle
– Keyboard
– Pouch
– USB-A to USB-C Cable

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