Green Cell (AGM06) baterija AGM 12V/9Ah

30,69  s PDV-om

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– Capacity: 9Ah
– Voltage: 12V
– Warranty: 24 months
– Type: VRLA AGM
– Product code: AGM06
-Manufacturer: Green Cell
– Size: 151 x 65 x 94(98) mm
– Weight: 2.5kg
– Terminal Faston: 250 (F2)
– Vitality: 5 years

Compatibility list
– Compatible with following battery models

– Compatible with following devices
Zapotek SA1272f003,UTC PM865,APC Smart,Polon-Alfa WPO,Pulsar PSB,Pulsar PSBOC1002435,Pulsar PSBOC15512110,Pulsar PSBOC1552455,Pulsar PSBOC1554828,Pulsar PSBOC30024100,Pulsar PSBOC3004850,Pulsar PSBSOF10A12,Pulsar PSBSOF3012,Pulsar PSBSOF3024,Pulsar PSBSOF5012,Pulsar PSBSOF5024,Ropam PSR-ECO,UTC ATS Classic,UTC ATS Master,UTC PG822,UTC PG825,UTC PM844,UTC PM861,UTC PM862,UTC PM863,Best Power Fortress,Eaton Evolution S,Ever NET 700,Gembird Line,Liebert Up Station GXT 2100RT,MGE Pulsar Evolution,Mustek PowerMust 2000,APC POWERCELL PERSONAL,APC Symmetra LX,Eaton 5130 1250VA,Eaton 5130 1750VA,Eaton 5130 2500VA,Eaton 5130 3000VA,Powerware PW5130 1250VA,Powerware PW5130 1750VA,Powerware PW5130 2500VA,Powerware PW5130 3000VA,Powerware PW9130 2000VA,Powerware PW9130 3000VA,MGE Pulsar ESV,APC 330XT,APC 360SX,APC 600,APC 600R,APC 600RM,APC AP280,APC AP330,APC AP330XT,APC AP360,APC AP360SX,APC AP600,APC AP600RM,APC APC400,APC APC420,APC BE500U,APC BE550,APC BE550G,APC BE700,APC BE700G,APC BH500INET,APC BK250EC,APC BK250EI,APC BK250I,APC BK300MI,APC BK350,APC BK350EI,APC BK400EC,APC BK400EI,APC BK400I,APC BK500,APC BK500EI,APC BK500I,APC BK500MI,APC BK650EI,APC BP280I,APC BP280SI,APC BP420I,APC BP420IPNP,APC BP420SI,APC BR500I,APC BR550GI,APC BX650CI,APC Back,APC Back-UPS 650 BX650CI,APC Back-UPS BR1000,APC Back-UPS BR1500,APC Back-UPS CS BK350,APC Back-UPS CS BK500,APC Back-UPS ES 550 BE550G,APC Back-UPS ES 700 BE700,APC Back-UPS ES 700 BE700G,APC Back-UPS ES BE550,APC Back-UPS Pro w/L5,APC CS350,APC GP1270F2,APC LCR12V6.5,APC MGE Galaxy,APC POWERSHIELD CP15U48D,APC POWERSHIELD CP24U12D,APC POWERSHIELD CP36U52,APC Personal Power,APC Professional Power,APC RackMount 600,APC SC420I,APC SU420INET,APC SUVS420I,APC Smart-UPS SU5000R5XLT,APC SmartUPS VS420,APC Symmetra PX,APC Symmetra tour,APC UPS Symmetra,APC UPS200,APC UPS300,APC UPS370CI,APC UXBP48M,APC UpStart350,ATandT 515,Belkin F6C120AU,Belkin F6C350,Belkin F6C425,Belkin F6C500USB,Belkin F6C800,Belkin F6H650,Belkin Pro F6C425,Belkin Pro F6C525,Belkin Pro F6C625,Belkin Pro F6C650,Belkin Pro F6C700,Belkin Pro GOLD,Belkin Pro Gold,Belkin Pro Net,Belkin Superior F6H500deUNV,Belkin Superior F6H650deUNV,Belkin Universal F6C100deUNV,Belkin Universal F6C120deUNV,Belkin Universal F6C800deUNV,Best Power 280,Best Power 420,Best Power BEST,Best Power PATRIOT,Best Technologies BTG,Best Technologies Fortress,Best Technologies LCR12V6.5BP1,Best Technologies LI660,Best Technologies LI660VA,Best Technologies MD1.5KVA,Best Technologies MD2KVA,Best Technologies PATRIOT,Best Technologies SPS450,Best Technologies SPS450VA,Clary 1000 On,Clary 1800VA,Clary UPS1-1.5K,Clary UPS11251GR,Clary UPS1125K1G,Clary UPS1125K1GSBS,Clary UPS1125K1GSBSR,Clary UPS115K1GR,Clary UPS115K1GSBS,Clary UPS115K1GSBSR,Clary UPS11K1G,Clary UPS11K1GR,Clary UPS11K1GSBSR,Clary UPS1400VA1GSL,Clary UPS1800VA1G,Clary UPS1800VA1GR,Clary UPS1800VA1GSBS,Clary UPS1800VA1GSBSR,Clary UPS23K1GSBSR,Clary UPS800VA1GSBS,Clary l800VA,Cyberpower 500SL,Cyberpower 525SL,Cyberpower 650SL,Cyberpower BH1500,Cyberpower BP BP48V45ART2U,Cyberpower BP BP48V75ART2U,Cyberpower CP CP1000AVRLCD,Cyberpower CP CP1200AVR,Cyberpower CP CP1200D,Cyberpower CP CP1285AVRLCD,Cyberpower CP CP1350AVRLCD,Cyberpower CP CP1500AVRLCD,Cyberpower CP CP1500AVRT,Cyberpower CP CP525SL,Cyberpower CP CP550SL,Cyberpower CP CP585LCD,Cyberpower CP CP600LCD,Cyberpower CP CP685AVR,Cyberpower CP CP685AVRLCD,Cyberpower CP CP800AVR,Cyberpower CP CP825AVRLCD,Cyberpower CP CP825LCD,Cyberpower CP CP850AVRLCD,Cyberpower CP CP900AVR,Cyberpower CPS CPS1000AVR,Cyberpower CPS CPS1100AVR,Cyberpower CPS CPS1250,Cyberpower CPS CPS1500AVRHO,Cyberpower CPS CPS500SL,Cyberpower CPS CPS525SL,Cyberpower CPS CPS550SL,Cyberpower CPS CPS575SL,Cyberpower CPS CPS585AVR,Cyberpower CPS CPS625AVR,Cyberpower CPS CPS650SL,Cyberpower CPS CPS650VA,Cyberpower CPS CPS700AVR,Cyberpower CPS CPS720VA,Cyberpower CPS CPS725SL,Cyberpower CPS CPS825AVR,Cyberpower CPS1250AVR,Cyberpower CPS500SL,Cyberpower CPS575SL,Cyberpower CPS585AVR,Cyberpower CPS625AVR,Cyberpower CPS650SL,Cyberpower CPS700AVR,Cyberpower CPS900AVR,Cyberpower CS CS24U12V,Cyberpower DX600E,Cyberpower DX800E,Cyberpower OFFICE POWER,Cyberpower OL OL1500RMXL2U,Cyberpower OP OP1250,Cyberpower OP OP1500,Cyberpower OP OP650,Cyberpower OP OP850,Cyberpower OR OR1500LCDRM2U,Cyberpower OR OR1500LCDRTXL2U,Cyberpower OR OR2200,Cyberpower OR OR2200LCDRM2U,Cyberpower OR OR2200LCDRTXL2U,Cyberpower OR OR700LCDRM1U,Cyberpower PP PP1500SWT4,Cyberpower PP PP2200SW,Cyberpower PP PP800SW,Cyberpower PR PR1000LCDRT2U,Cyberpower PR PR1000LCDRTXL2U,Cyberpower PR PR1000LCDRTXL2Ua,Cyberpower PR PR1500LCDRT2U,Cyberpower PR PR1500LCDRTXL2U,Cyberpower PR PR1500SWRM2U,Cyberpower PR PR2200LCDRT2U,Cyberpower PR PR2200LCDRTXL2U,Cyberpower PR PR2200SWRM2U,Cyberpower PR PR3000LCDRT2U,Cyberpower PR PR3000LCDRTXL2U,Cyberpower PR PR3000SWRM2U,Cyberpower UP UP1200,Cyberpower UP UP625,Cyberpower UP UP825,DELL 1000R HV,DELL 1000T EBM,DELL 1000W,DELL 1000w Rack,DELL 1000w Tower,DELL 10KW EBM,DELL 10KWOLHVB,DELL 10kW,DELL 10kWR EBM,DELL 1920R EBM,DELL 1920R LV,DELL 1920T HV,DELL 1920W,DELL 1920w Rack,DELL 1920w Tower,DELL 2.700W,DELL 2700R EBM,DELL 2700w Rack,DELL 3.750W,DELL 3750R EBM,DELL 3750w,DELL 3750w Online,DELL 4.200W,DELL 4200R EBM,DELL 4200w,DELL 4200w Online,DELL 500T HV,DELL 500W,DELL 500w Tower,DELL 5600R EBM,DELL 5600R OLHV,DELL 5600W,DELL DL5000RMI5U,DELL DL700I,DELL DLA1500RMI2U,DELL H914N,DELL H928N,DELL H952N,DELL H967N,DELL J715N,DELL J718N,DELL J727N,DELL J728N,DELL J731N,DELL J735N,DELL J739N,DELL K789N,DELL K805N,DELL K806N,DELL K811N,DELL K812N Line,DELL K812N Online,Data General C4,Data General L600,Data Shield ST,Data Shield T2200,Deltec PRA600,Deltech PRA 400,Deltech PRB220,Deltech PRB300,Deltech PRM450,Deltech RS,EFI LANGUARD 500,EFI LANGUARD 600,EFI LANGUARD 675,EPD Grizzly 300VRS,EPD Grizzly 500,EPD Grizzly VRS500,EPE INTEGRITY IS,Easy Options 400VA,Eaton 3105,Eaton 3S 700VA,Eaton 5110 1000VA,Eaton 5110 1500VA,Eaton 5110 700VA,Eaton 5115 1000VA,Eaton 5115 1400VA,Eaton 5115 500VA,Eaton 5115 750VA,Eaton 5125 1000VA,Eaton 5125 1500VA,Eaton 5125 2200VA,Eaton 5125 6000VA,Eaton 5130 BAT,Eaton 5P 1150i Tower,Eaton 5P 1550i Tower,Eaton 5P 650i Tower,Eaton 5P 850i Tower,Eaton 5PX 1500i,Eaton 5PX 2200i,Eaton 5PX 3000i,Eaton 5S 1000i Tower,Eaton 5S 1500i Tower,Eaton 5S 700i Tower,Eaton 5S1000i,Eaton 5S1500i,Eaton 5S700i,Eaton 5SC 1500G,Eaton 5SC 500G,Eaton 5SC 750G,Eaton 9120,Eaton 9130 1000VA,Eaton 9130 1500VA,Eaton 9130 2000VA,Eaton 9130 3000VA,Eaton 9130 5000VA,Eaton 9130 6000VA,Eaton 9130 Rack,Eaton BladeUPS Batt,Eaton ELP1200DIN,Eaton ELP1200IEC,Eaton ELP1600DIN,Eaton ELP1600IEC,Eaton ELP650DIN,Eaton ELP650IEC,Eaton ELP850DIN,Eaton ELP850IEC,Eaton EX 1000 RT2U,Eaton EX 1000VA,Eaton EX 1500 RT2U,Eaton EX 1500VA,Eaton EX 2200VA,Eaton EX 3000VA,Eaton EX 700VA,Eaton EX BAT 1000VA EXB,Eaton EX BAT 1500VA EXB,Eaton EX BAT 2200VA EXB,Eaton EX BAT 3000VA EXB,Eaton EX RT BAT EX 11 RT EXB,Eaton EX RT BAT EX 5 RT EXB,Eaton EX RT BAT EX 7 RT EXB,Eaton Ellipse ASR,Eaton Ellipse ECO,Eaton Ellipse Max,Eaton Ellipse Pro,Eaton Evolution 1150VA,Eaton Evolution 1550,Eaton Evolution 650,Eaton Evolution 850,Eaton Evolution Kombi,Eaton Protection Station,Emerson 200,Emerson AU-750,Ever DUO II,Ever ECO 500,Ever ECO 700,Ever ECO Pro,Ever NET 1000,Ever NET 2200,Ever NET 500,Ever Net 1400,Ever POWERLINE 10,Ever POWERLINE 6,Ever POWERLINE RT,Ever SINLINE 3000,Ever SPECLINE 700,Ever Sinline 1200,Ever Sinline 3000,Fenex FX2002,Fenton M1000,Fenton M2000,Fenton M3000,Fenton PS60,Fenton Power On,Fenton Power Pal,Fenton Power Pure,Fideltronik Ares 1000,Fideltronik Ares 1600,Fideltronik Ares 3000,Fideltronik Ares 350,Fideltronik Ares 500,Fideltronik Ares 700,Fideltronik Ares Cool,Fideltronik Ares LT1,Fideltronik Ares LT2,Fideltronik Ares LT3,Fideltronik F650 Pro,Fideltronik Lupus 1000,Fideltronik Lupus 1500,Fideltronik Lupus 1600,Fideltronik Lupus 500,Fideltronik Lupus 700,Fideltronik Lupus KI,Fideltronik Lupus KI1000,Fideltronik Lupus KI2000,Fideltronik Lupus KI3000,Fideltronik Lupus KR1000,Fideltronik Lupus KR2000,Fideltronik Lupus KR3000,Fideltronik Lupus KR3110s,Fideltronik Lupus KR6000,Fideltronik MB4814,Fideltronik MB4814RACK,Fideltronik MB4821,Fideltronik Viper 1200,Fideltronik Viper 500,Fideltronik Viper 700,General Power GPS5006,HP APC2IA,HP APC3IA,HP Compaq R1500,HP Compaq UP6003,HP PowerWise 1000,HP PowerWise 1250,HP PowerWise 2100,HP PowerWise L900,HP Powerwise L600,HP R1500XR,Intellipower IQ 1100RM,Jablotron JA,Leadman UPS 300,Leadman UPS 500,Liebert GXT2,Liebert Up Station D 600VA,Liebert Up Station D PSP 500,Liebert Up Station D S1000MT,Liebert Up Station D S1400MT,Liebert Up Station GXT 00MT,MGE ES8,MGE ESV11,MGE ESV13,MGE ESV14,MGE ESV8,MGE EXRT 11000,MGE EXRT 5000,MGE EXRT 7000,MGE EXRT EXB,MGE Ellipse 1000,MGE Ellipse 1500,MGE Ellipse ASR,MGE Ellipse Max,MGE Ellipse Premium,MGE Ellipse USBS,MGE Evolution 1100,MGE Evolution 1150,MGE Evolution 1500,MGE Evolution 1550,MGE Evolution 2000,MGE Evolution 2200,MGE Evolution 3000,MGE Evolution 650,MGE Evolution 800,MGE Evolution 850,MGE Evolution S,MGE Galaxy 3500,MGE Protection Center,MGE Pulsar 1000,MGE Pulsar 1500,MGE Pulsar 700,MGE Pulsar EL,MGE Pulsar EL7,MGE Pulsar ES,MGE Pulsar ESV11,MGE Pulsar ESV14,MGE Pulsar EX,MGE Pulsar EXB,MGE Pulsar EXtreme,MGE Pulsar Extreme,MGE Pulsar M,MGE Pulsar PSX,Mean Well DRC,Merich 350,Merich 400,Merich 450C,Merich 850C,Merich M1200,Merich UPS400,Mustek PowerMust 745(B),Mustek PowerMust 800,Mustek PowerMust 848,Mustek PowerMust 848EG,NCR UPS 4071-0600,ORVALDI 1052F,ORVALDI 1062F,ORVALDI BL600,ORVALDI JP,ORVALDI JPXL,Oneac 436,Oneac ON1300,Oneac ON2000,Oneac ON400XR,Oneac ON600,Oneac ONe200,Oneac ONe200X,Oneac ONe300,Oneac ONe300X,Oneac ONe400D,Oneac ONm300,Oneac ONm600X,Oneac Series E,Oneac UP,Opti 1300,Opti 1BP107,Opti 1BP207,Opti 1BP407,Opti 1BP607,Opti 2000,Opti 280 ES,Opti 280E,Opti 350059,Opti 350VS,Opti 400XR,Opti 420E,Opti 500VS,Opti 600,Opti 800PS,Opti 900,Opti BT,Opti BT2PAC,Opti BT4PAC,Opti ON1300,Opti ON1300XRA,Opti ON2000,Opti ON2000XRA,Opti ON400XR,Opti ON400XRA,Opti ON600,Opti ON600XRA,Opti ON900,Opti ON900XRA,Opti ON910,Opti ONEBP107,Opti ONEBP207,Opti ONEBP407,Opti ONEBP607,Opti UP1103,PCM Powercom KIN,Pakiet APC RBC109,Pakiet APC RBC110,Pakiet APC RBC113,Pakiet APC RBC115,Pakiet APC RBC116,Pakiet APC RBC12,Pakiet APC RBC123,Pakiet APC RBC124,Pakiet APC RBC124HR,Pakiet APC RBC12J,Pakiet APC RBC132,Pakiet APC RBC133,Pakiet APC RBC17,Pakiet APC RBC2,Pakiet APC RBC22,Pakiet APC RBC23,Pakiet APC RBC24,Pakiet APC RBC24J,Pakiet APC RBC25,Pakiet APC RBC26,Pakiet APC RBC27,Pakiet APC RBC31,Pakiet APC RBC32,Pakiet APC RBC33,Pakiet APC RBC37,Pakiet APC RBC38,Pakiet APC RBC40,Pakiet APC RBC48,Pakiet APC RBC49,Pakiet APC RBC5,Pakiet APC RBC51,Pakiet APC RBC53,Pakiet APC RBC54,Pakiet APC RBC59,Pakiet APC RBC60,Pakiet APC RBC62,Pakiet APC RBC63,Pakiet APC RBC8,Pakiet APC RBC9,Pakiet APC SYBT3,Pakiet APC SYBT4,Pakiet APC SYBT5,Pakiet APC SYBTU1,Pakiet APC SYMMETRA,Pakiet APC TBC101,Pakiet APC TBC102,Pakiet APC TBC27,Pakiet APC TBC3,Pakiet APC TBC30,Pakiet APC TBC31,Pakiet APC TBC32,Pakiet APC TBC33,Pakiet APC TBC44,Pakiet APC TBC49,Pakiet APC TBC5,Pakiet APC TBC50,Pakiet APC TBC7,Pakiet APC TBC91,Pakiet APC TBC98,ParaSystems A750,ParaSystems Minuteman 1000,ParaSystems Minuteman 250,ParaSystems Minuteman 300CP,ParaSystems Minuteman 300SS,ParaSystems Minuteman 450,ParaSystems Minuteman 600,ParaSystems Minuteman 60022,ParaSystems Minuteman 600SS,ParaSystems Minuteman 900SS,ParaSystems Minuteman A300,ParaSystems Minuteman A300L,ParaSystems Minuteman A425,ParaSystems Minuteman A750,ParaSystems Minuteman AT650,PowerWalker VI 1200 LCD UPS,PowerWalker VI 2000 LCD UPS,PowerWalker VI 750 PSW UPS,Powerware 5155,Powerware EMB9120,Powerware FX2002,Powerware OneUPS,Powerware PLUS 6,Powerware PW3110 425VA,Powerware PW3110 550VA,Powerware PW3110 600VA,Powerware PW3110 700VA,Powerware PW3110,Powerware PW3115 300VA,Powerware PW3115 420VA,Powerware PW3115,Powerware PW5105 450VA,Powerware PW5105,Powerware PW5110 1000VA,Powerware PW5110 1500VA,Powerware PW5110 700VA,Powerware PW5115 1000VA,Powerware PW5115 1400VA,Powerware PW5115 500VA,Powerware PW5115 750VA,Powerware PW5115,Powerware PW5119 1000VA,Powerware PW5119 1500VA,Powerware PW5119,Powerware PW5125 1000VA,Powerware PW5125 1500VA,Powerware PW5125 2200VA,Powerware PW5125 5000VA,Powerware PW5125 6000VA,Powerware PW9110 1000VA,Powerware PW9110 1500VA,Powerware PW9110 2000VA,Powerware PW9110 3000VA,Powerware PW9110 5000VA,Powerware PW9110 6000VA,Powerware PW9110 700VA,Powerware PW9120 1000VA,Powerware PW9120 1500VA,Powerware PW9120 2000VA,Powerware PW9120 3000VA,Powerware PW9120 5000VA,Powerware PW9120 6000VA,Powerware PW9120 700VA,Powerware PW9120,Powerware PW9125 1000VA,Powerware PW9125 1500VA,Powerware PW9125 2000VA,Powerware PW9125 3000VA,Powerware PW9125 5000VA,Powerware PW9125 6000VA,Powerware PW9125 700VA,Powerware PW9130 1000VA,Powerware PW9130 1500VA,Powerware PW9130,Pulsar MSRD2012,Pulsar PSBOC1001270,Pulsar PSBOC351225,Pulsar PSBOC501235,Pulsar PSBOC502418,Pulsar PSBOC751250,Pulsar PSBOC752425,Pulsar PSBOC754813,Pulsar PSBSOF1012,Pulsar PSBSOF1024,Pulsar PSBSOF2012,Pulsar PSBSOF2024,SATEL APS,Safe 650,Safe SM650,Scooter SPS500AT,Siemens Cerberus Pro,Sola 0510,Sola 054-00210,Sola 2993638601,Sola 305,Sola 310A,Sola 600VA,Sola 900VA,Sola N900,Sola NETWORK UPS,Sola S24K2U48BAT,Sola S31000,Sola S31000R,Sola S314000,Sola S31400R,Sola S32200R,Sola S370,Sola S3700,Sola S3700R,Sola S41000,Sola S41000TRM,Sola S41500TRM,Sola S4700,Sola S4K2U2000,Toshiba 1200 3,Toshiba 1200 5KVA,Toshiba 1200 Model,Toshiba 1200 SER,Toshiba 1400SE Plus,Toshiba 5KVA 208,Toshiba 5KVA 240,Toshiba 750,Toshiba ECB1U12030U,Toshiba PR00015P31,Triad UPS600,Tripp Lite 360SX,Tripp Lite 500,Tripp Lite 600,Tripp Lite 850,Tripp Lite BC,Tripp Lite BC200,Tripp Lite BC250,Tripp Lite BC250A,Tripp Lite BC300,Tripp Lite BC325,Tripp Lite BC325A,Tripp Lite BC3348,Tripp Lite BC400,Tripp Lite BC400INT,Tripp Lite BC420,Tripp Lite BC450,Tripp Lite BC500LAN,Tripp Lite CP,Tripp Lite Datashield,Tripp Lite Internet,Tripp Lite MISC,Tripp Lite MPS,Tripp Lite OM1995,Tripp Lite OMNI,Tripp Lite Office,Tripp Lite PS6.0,Tripp Lite SMART,Tripp Lite TE1200,Tripp Lite TE700,Tripp Lite Unison,Unison MPS1200,Unison MPS1200A,Unison MPS1500,Unison PS6,Unison PS60,Unisys MPS1400,Unisys MPS2000,Unisys PS6.0N,Unisys PS60,Unisys PS700,Unisys PS8.0,Unisys PS8.0N,Unitek Alpha 650,Unitek Blue 700,Unitek Delta 1400,Unitek Delta 3000,Unitek EXL 700,Unitek Epsilon 2000,Unitek MB Cube,Unitek MB Cube S,Upsonic CS 1500,Upsonic CS 3000,Upsonic CXR 1500,Upsonic CXR 3000,Upsonic DS 1400,Upsonic DS 2000,Upsonic DS 800,Upsonic ESLR 15,Upsonic ESLR 20,Upsonic ESLR 30,Upsonic ESLR 50,Upsonic ESLR 75,Upsonic ESRT 20,Upsonic ESRT 50,Upsonic EST 20,Upsonic IP 10000,Upsonic IS 2000,Upsonic IS 3000,Upsonic LAN 100,Upsonic LAN 150,Upsonic Might 35,Upsonic Orion 750,Upsonic PC Mate 55,Upsonic PC Might 35,Upsonic PC Might 55,Upsonic PCM 140,Upsonic PCM 140VR,Upsonic PCM 200,Upsonic PCM 200VR,Upsonic PCM 35,Upsonic PCM 55,Upsonic PCM 55R,Upsonic Station 140,Upsonic Station 200,Upsonic Station 28,Upsonic Station 40,Upsonic Station 60,Upsonic System 100,Upsonic System 300,Upsonic System 60,Upsonic UPS 1250,Upsonic UPS 200,Upsonic UPS 600,Zapotek RX,Zapotek RX501N,Zapotek RX510N,Belkin OmniGuard 1100,Belkin OmniGuard 1500,Belkin OmniGuard 2300,Belkin Regulator Pro,Best Power FERRUPS,Best Technologies LI,Cyberpower Cyber Shield,Cyberpower Office Power,Fideltronik Inigo Lupus,Liebert PowerSure Interactive,Liebert PowerSure Personal,Liebert PowerSure Proactive,Liebert Up Station GXT 1000MT,Liebert Up Station GXT 1000RT,Liebert Up Station GXT 1000RTE,Liebert Up Station GXT 1500RT,Liebert Up Station GXT 2000RT,Liebert Up Station GXT 3000RT,Mustek PowerMust 1188S,Mustek PowerMust 1400,Mustek PowerMust 1590,Mustek PowerMust 2012,Mustek PowerMust 2212,Mustek PowerMust 3024,Mustek PowerMust PM,ParaSystems Minuteman Rack,Smart UPS SU1000R2BX120,Smart UPS SU1000RM2U,Belkin OmniGuard 3200,Belkin BERBC31,Belkin BERBC35,Belkin BU306000,Belkin BU308000,Belkin FC61000,Belkin F6C127-BAT,Belkin F6C1270-BAT,Belkin F6C1272-BAT,Belkin F6C1500-TW,HP 1500 G2,HP 1500 G3,HP T1500 G2,HP T1500 G3,Kebo UPS,Kebo SU1K,Kebo SU1KB,Kebo SU2K,Kebo SU2KB,Kebo SU3K,Kebo SU3KB,Kebo SU6K,Kebo SU6KB,Kebo SU10K,Kebo SU10KB,Kebo PHT1101,Kebo PHT1102,Kebo PHT1101B,Kebo PHT1102B,PowerWalker VI 850LCD,VOLT Micro 800,VOLT Micro 1500,VOLT PICO UPS,Armac 1500E HOME,Armac 1500E OFFICE,Armac 1500F HOME,Armac 1500F OFFICE,Armac 850E HOME,Armac 850E OFFICE,Armac 850F HOME,Armac 850F OFFICE,Panasonic LC,Panasonic LCP126R5P,Panasonic LCR12V6.5BP,Panasonic LCR12V7.2P,Panasonic UP,TPH 12100,Kebo PHT1103,Kebo PHT1103B,Victron VPS

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