Green Cell (AS129PRO) baterija 5200mAh, 10.8V (11.1V) A32N1405 za Asus G551 G551J G551JM G551JW G771 G771J G771JM G771JW N551 N551J N551JM N551JW N551JX

78,55  s PDV-om


– Capacity: 5200 mAh
– Voltage: 10.8V (11.1V)
– Number of cells: 6
– Cells technology: Li-Ion
– Warranty: 12 months
– Cells manufacturer: Green Cell
– Colour: Black
– Overdischarge protection: Yes
– Overcharge protection: Yes
– Product code: AS129PRO
– Manufacturer: Green Cell
– Work time from: 1.5 up 2.5h
– Series: PRO

Compatibility list
– Compatible with following battery models

– Compatible with following devices
Asus N551,Asus N551J,Asus N551JB,Asus N551JK,Asus N551JM,Asus N551JQ,Asus N551JW,Asus N551JX,Asus N551Z,Asus N551ZU,Asus N751,Asus N751J,Asus N751JK,Asus N751JX,Asus N751JM,Asus N751JW,Asus ROG G551,Asus ROG G551J,Asus ROG G551JK,Asus ROG G551JM,Asus ROG G551JW,Asus ROG G551JX,Asus ROG G551V,Asus ROG G551VW,Asus ROG G58,Asus ROG G58J,Asus ROG G58JM,Asus ROG G771,Asus ROG G771J,Asus ROG G771JK,Asus ROG G771JM,Asus ROG G771JW,Asus ROG GL551,Asus ROG GL551J,Asus ROG GL551JK,Asus ROG GL551JM,Asus ROG GL551JW,Asus ROG GL551JX,Asus ROG GL771,Asus ROG GL771J,Asus ROG GL771JM,Asus ROG GL771JW

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