Green Cell (DE77) baterija 2200 mAh,14.4V (14.8V) M5Y1K za Dell Inspiron 14 3451, 15 3555 3558 5551 5552 5555 5558, 17 5755 5758, Vostro 3458 3558

49,95  s PDV-om


– Capacity: 2200 mAh
– Voltage: 14.8V (14.4V)
– Number of cells: 4
– Cells technology: Li-Ion
– Warranty: 12 months
– Colour: Black
– Overdischarge protection: Yes
– Overcharge protection: Yes
– The possibility of return: Up to 30 days
– Product code: DE77
– Manufacturer: Green Cell

– Compatible with following battery models

– Compatible with following devices
Dell Inspiron P47F003,Dell Inspiron 14,Dell Inspiron 15,Dell Inspiron 17,Dell Vostro 15,Dell Inspiron P47F,Dell Inspiron P47F001,Dell Inspiron P47F002,Dell Inspiron P28E,Dell Inspiron P28E001,Dell Inspiron P28E002,Dell Inspiron P28E004,Dell Inspiron P47F004,Dell Inspiron P47F005,Dell Inspiron P51F,Dell Inspiron P51F001,Dell Inspiron P51F002,Dell Inspiron P51F003,Dell Inspiron P51F004,Dell Inspiron P51F005,Dell Inspiron P60G,Dell Inspiron P60G001,Dell Inspiron P60G002,Dell Inspiron P60G003,Dell Inspiron P60G004,Dell Inspiron P64G,Dell Inspiron P64G001,Dell Inspiron P64G002,Dell Inspiron P64G003,Dell Inspiron P64G004,Dell Inspiron P64G005,Dell Vostro P52F,Dell Vostro P52F001,Dell Vostro P52F003,Dell Vostro P65G,Dell Vostro P65G001,Dell Latitude 3570,Dell Latitude P50F,Dell Latitude P50F001,Dell Latitude 3470,Dell Latitude P63G,Dell Latitude P63G001,Dell Vostro 14

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