About Us

Dear visitors, Our business story begins in 1993 when we were established. Market conditions, notably the market changes in 2000 helped us recognize the importance of IT services and therefore orient towards them. We build and promote web solutions and maintain computer systems. We are local, but act globally. Our mission includes continuous improvement of ICT segment services.

Oriented towards domestic and international markets alike, we take into consideration both global trends and individual clients’ needs. We want to help develop the local community through philanthropy and assure corporate social responsibility. Our website is only a starting point for a successful cooperation.

We would like to meet, build trust and together work on a projects or simply improve joint work.  


Establishment of Ofir d.o.o. In the beginning it was a tailor’s salon!


Focus on IT services. Establishment of the IT department.


Development of the web department, which initially worked mostly with clients from the IT department.


Based on client requests, a marketing department was established as a logical continuation of the web department. The first official offices in the form of a business unit opened on Gundulićeva street in Osijek.


The first ten employees who were officially employed.


Growth to more than 150 long-term clients. The largest number of new clients came through Word-of-Mouth marketing.


Growth to more than 300 clients, moving to a larger office in Stepinčeva Street and strengthening foreign cooperation with clients and partners in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.


New offices at the business unit at Vinkovačka cesta 68 in Osijek. Formation of teams within the web department. Additional employees in the DevOps team and strengthening of the IT support department in the direction of advanced network technologies and virtualization.


More than 500 clients, standardization of internships and training of new employees. Development of teams in the web department, long-term projects and fully customized web applications. Increasingly large network solution projects of the IT support department.


The most successful business year. A large number of successfully implemented projects and collaborations.


We look forward to the next challenges…
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