Search Engine Optimization – SEO

How to be first on Google?

When it comes to website search engine optimization, we often hear the question of how to rank first on Google. Unfortunately, there is no simple answer because the entire SEO process is a set of different undertakings that, in ideal cases, take place even before the creation of websites. In addition, the results in this field can be seen only after a few months, so a lot of patience and continuous work is required. In the end, a lot depends on which business segment the website is in, because the stronger the competition, the longer it takes.

SEO in Ofir

  • Strategy planning
  • Competition and keyword research
  • Cooperation with developers during the creation of the website
  • Preparation and modification of content
  • Continuous monitoring
  • Site analysis

SEO is one of the key elements which makes your web page more likely to be found on the first pages of internet searches. The aim of this optimization is not only to make your web page better ranked on the search engines, but also to achieve a planned goal when visitors come to your page.

“We want to come up first when you write our name on Google search!” This is commonly heard from our clients. First, we want to stress the importance of the duration of SEO process. We simply do not offer instant solutions which boost your position in searches in the short run. Shortly after this, you are punished by the search engine, your position drops suddenly or your page is cancelled and you have to invest a great effort to regain your position.

Our guiding thought is an organic principle, i.e. ranging the pages according to the key words or the contents of your web page. Think about it – would you return to a page which often updates valuable information? If this page is frequently visited, quickly loaded, secure and available on mobile devices, you would very likely return to this page. With this, and other parameters, search engines would rank this page among the most relevant.

Our task is to perform technical interventions so that it could be adapted to the high standards by PageSpeed or GTMetrics tests. For easier check of web page, we can recommend free site which has a collection of website tools. In communication with our clients, we determine keywords which are important for the business, defining your company or your services.

On-site and off-site optimization

SEO interventions could be divided into on-site and off-site optimizations. The former includes all activities on a domain which lead to its better positioning. The latter implies the so called promotion, activities performed outside the domain, such as backlinks, promotions on the social media etc.

On-site optimizations start from writing the first line of a code. It includes quick loading of the page and its availability on mobile devices. If the page is not responsive and it takes a lot of time to load it, it is absolutely contrary to what Google intended to do with Mobile First Indexing.

However, optimization of a code is just a beginning. SEO advanced considerably since the times when the only content of the pages were key words. Now there are many smaller elements that make the user’s experience. Nonetheless, we should never forget the basic things, such as well designed title or the description of a page. Then, it is important to provide pictures and illustrations with the captions and to fill in the alt tags to describe the picture. The structure of the page should also be reconsidered (that is, how easily the contents could be found). Because if Google bots could not find the contents that should be ranged, is there any chance for ordinary users to find a solution or answer to their queries?

Of course, after we present the page on the internet, it does not mean that the job is finished. It still undergoes the process of optimization according to the data from Google Analytics, which helps a lot in understanding the users and their navigation across the pages. The quality of the contents should also be assessed, pages should be checked for the duplicated contents, natural usage of the anchor text links, additional context offers by using header tags and many other elements.

On the other hand, search engines should be informed about the existence of a page. This is a role of off-line optimization and a page promotion, so that users would be directed towards the desired domain. Backlinks are also great for this purpose, but only with the pages of best quality. Buying cheap backlinks can only lead to being punished, because the quality of backlinks is more important than its quantity.

Contents for users, not for search engines

Promotional activities on the social media are also part of the off-line optimization, which is not always accomplished directly, but if the contents is popular, it could generate backlinks. Answering the question where it is possible to insert a link to one’s own page could also help increase the excellence and reliability. In sum, the more satisfactory and informative contents, the better chances to be shared.

It must be stressed that both of these segments could not be designed in a day – it is a continuous work requiring a well conceived strategy. Therefore it is important to develop a strategy during the creation of a page and its functionality, because different pages need different optimizations (not equal optimizations for a simple web page or for a web-store).

Search engine optimization also implies the contents of a page because if there is no information matching the query, the search engines would not show your page among the results. It is also important to emphasize that the contents are written for users searching for a solution/answer/ information, not for the search engines. Depending on the quality of a text or information, users decide whether to stay on the page or search some other ones.

Beside being interesting and informative, the text should also have a readable typeface. Ten line paragraph is not easily read on mobile phones and the visitors may be unsatisfied, however optimized your page may be in other segments. This decreases the number of visits and the business goes up in smoke.

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