Web page maintenance

Keeping our principle of the total service for our clients, a web page maintenance is an important item in our long-term cooperation.

It is absolutely clear that the web page is a departure point for any company, association or institution, and its quality of being up-to-date with undisturbed functioning testifies to the credibility of its owner. Today, the paradigm of creating a web page left at the mercy of the virtual world (because a company has nothing new to add) is totally abandoned. Sooner or later, it returns with the costs. What do we mean by this?

First, poorly maintained page gives the impression of superficiality, carelessness or simply the lack of professionalism. You have probably seen in your digital searches obsolete news, out-of-date contents or notifications about events ages ago. Second, out-of-date program codes could soon threat the functioning of the server, leaving it vulnerable to the malicious hackers.

That is why your page has to function technically correct and to keep pace with the technology. By the way, it is unlikely that your page would be attacked on purpose (except you are interesting to the hackers for some reason).

The most common form of an attack is an automated script looking for the slip-ups on your page, using them for spamming you or using any available resource of your server. The consequence could be that your page is unavailable or non-functioning.

The Ofir Company maintains web pages on a monthly basis for every client, depending on the client’s demand and interests in particular the web pages.

We offer:

  • A regular monthly control of the web solutions, including the revisions and upgrading of the system in the foundation of web solution, its supplementation and refreshing on the client’s demand
  • Unlimited supplementation and refreshing of the system
  • Uploading of new information, depending on its priority (at short notice)
  • Corrections of the web solution and overcoming problems in its functioning (within 24 hours after the malfunction is reported)
  • Continuous optimization for the browsers, with the following of the key words, as agreed with the client
  • Statistical reports about the number of visitors of the web solution

Regular maintenance of your web solution is a long term investment into the recognizable digital identity

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