Structural cabling

Structural cabling is a term which describes a solution for network infrastructures, which could be designed either as a unique system or many subsystems functioning as a whole. Behind these complicated terms lies potentially even more complicated IT infrastructure of a company or institution. We offer optimal, client customized service by applying up-to-date standards in cabling (such as network topology, standard distances between the cables depending on their types, their arrangement and interlinking).

PC network of a company is a basis for the modern business. Different purposes arising out of the global and dynamic business operations dictate an unobstructed audio and video communication, data storage and other means of information transfer. All of these has to be secured by a stable network infrastructure which could be scaled and adjusted to follow the growth of a company.

The Ofir Company team provides the service of a partial and complete structural cabling, according to your preferences and possibilities.

Our advantages:

  • planning and consulting, with the anticipation of your needs in the future, based on our many years of experience,
  • installation of the passive network equipment,
  • implementation and configuration of the active network equipment, according to the size, demands and standards of the clients,
  • enabling the simple system of maintenance with your internal resources and the Ofir team support,
  • keeping accurate and updated records

Secure your information present and virtual future by using our vision of the digital network infrastructure!

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