Touch Screen Displays

Touch Screen Display

Touch Screen Displays can serve as an excellent tool for presenting different multimedia content that can be interacted with if necessary. One of the more common examples of Touch Screen Displays can be found in cities where different information is presented - weather forecast, the news the city publishes on their website, tourist content or something else entirely.

Setting up

  • operating system installation
  • software customization
  • hardware setup
  • configuring for specific content display

Touch Screen Displays are a special part of our offer of the field of urban applied technologies. In cooperation with our partners who provide or create a complete hardware tower of the touch screen displays, we offer its installation, adaptation and complete software solution.

On such interactive displays, it is possible to showcase any local information (about city services, touristic destinations or other locations), your web page or any other multimedia content you want to present.

The heart of a Touch Screen Display is a standard PC, connected to the internet, so it is easy to imagine numerous possibilities it offers. Visitors could be authorized according to the client’s demand (for example, to visit only certain pages, to enable the standard functions of the PC, etc.).

We offer a completely customized solutions for the displays. Our example is the town of Vukovar and the application Vukovar na dlanu. Touch screen displays in this town are a long distance away from each other and the disruption of internet connection occurs quite often.

Therefore we had to adopt the synchronization of the application to be performed when there is a connection, so that the complete web page content could be implemented into the touch screen display. This enables the visitor to browse the pages offline, in the circumstances of temporary internet disconnection.

Touch Screen Displays are not the advertising men tricks – there is a need in the urban environment to obtain information and meet the needs of visitors, tourists and all inquisitive people. Our team made more than ten installations in the last few years, and the results were readily visible.

Let the Ofir Company support your step toward a modern city technology extending its hand to the visitors!

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