Educational processes – trainings, workshops and personal development

Why educate yourself?

The educational process is the transfer of general theoretical knowledge, but also work experiences as well as acceptable norms and values for the development and enrichment of one's own and other people's lives. Education is a fundamental prerequisite for personal development, and on an individual level, it includes the process of acquiring knowledge, skills and habits, and work skills.

Education in Ofir

  • education programs open to the public
  • transfer of practical knowledge
  • ensuring equal knowledge for all participants
  • education in the field of IT support, web development and digital marketing

Educational processes in Ofir

In addition to the training and workshops that we conduct internally and externally with our clients, we have also designed educational programs open to the public. By transferring knowledge from practice to interested individuals, we aim to ensure that the participants of the education start a career or continue professional guidance and training, in accordance with their own interests. Per Ofir’s main activities, several target groups of participants have been designed. Before the start of the training, we evaluate all groups of participants with a simple interview to ensure equal knowledge. The timetable and duration are aligned with the target groups.

IT support:

  • Business environment today – what does it consist of? Main elements of information systems.
  • Personal computers, laptops, servers – elements, stacking, and optimization.
  • Network devices and infrastructure – design and implementation, testing and analysis.
  • Cloud Solutions and Business Applications – connection and adjustment.
  • Computer security and protection of business systems.

Web development:

  • Practical development of web solutions – basic tools for web development (HTML, CSS, Javascript).
  • Server-client infrastructure, understanding the functioning of web applications and services.
  • PHP development environment.
  • WordPress theme development, work optimization, most common mistakes, and security flaws.
  • Laravel development environment, MVC work model, advantages and disadvantages.
  • The Alphabet of Web Server Optimization.

Digital marketing:

  • Strategies of digital marketing and advertising segmentation.
  • Social networks Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Google My Business – organic advertising, campaigns, and advertising opportunities.
  • Paid advertising on social networks and global search engines.
  • Customer interaction and access through digital channels.
  • SEO – search engine optimization, key elements, and positioning of web solutions on search engines.
  • Content as a fundamental factor in advertising and raising brand awareness.

Our advantage is the flexibility and expertise of our staff. We adjust the training to the target groups, and depending on the desired goals and learning outcomes, we adjust the pace and dynamics of the work.
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