Digital/Internet Marketing

Sinergy of Digital Marketing and company business

Being online doesn’t always mean that your company is visible on every corner of the Internet. Digital marketing can help position your company more clearly to potential visitors, so they can find information about your company or buy your products. Positioning on the web contributes to the business of the company when it comes to finding new clients and therefore is a “must-have'' for every company.

Ofir and Digital Marketing

  • Cross-platform experience
  • Visual materials and advertisements creativity
  • Copywriting in all forms of content
  • Creating different types of marketing strategies
  • Market research and analysis

Ofir is known in Osijek for its many decades of work, which include website creation, IT equipment maintenance and remote technical support. In the last couple of years, we also offer digital marketing services to our clients. The passion in what we do, and the desire to further improve clients’ business, encouraged us to expand the package of services we offer. The marketing department is focused on identifying the client’s needs and creating strategies along with implementing and analyzing marketing campaigns.

Digital marketing is often misinterpreted as just sales, promotion and advertising. Digital marketing, by definition, does not differ significantly from traditional marketing, except in the medium. It is a set of services that increase brand popularity, attract new clients and maintain communication with existing clients. By analyzing visits on your web and social networks, we find out who reacts best to your content and who you should address with yours posts. By recognizing the brand’s mission and vision, as well as determining short-term and long-term goals, we create a complete strategy in which we also use:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO),
  • Google Ads,
  • Facebook and Instagram Advertising
  • Social Media Management – Facebook/Instagram/LinkedIn/TikTok

A large part of digital marketing is  the company’s visual identity. The design used in promoting your products and services should be authentic and it should follow specific parameters of recognition.

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