Grain Purchase

When commissioned to design a new application, we are very passionate in meeting all demands of our clients. Especially if we have to deal with a new or specific line of business. That was the case when we had to create an application for the grain purchase for our old client Agrobeketinci ltd.

The challenge of purchasing the grain from many contract farmers made a lot of difficulties in the everyday work of our client. Our solution was to unite all elements into a simple and intuitive web application.

Encouraged by our success, we offer the application Grain Purchase with its main characteristics:

  • Cloud service – it could be accessed from any purchase point, in any time, from any device, with the possibility of local installation and additional adjustments, depending on the needs of the clients
  • Direct data import from the weighing-machine
  • Unlimited adjustments of a purchase price per purchase point or in total
  • Import of the goods manipulation and drying fees
  • Calculations of the provisional accounts, with the possibility of subsequent data imports about the dryness or the percentage of oil in the grains (all standard data in .csv, .xls and .xlsx)
  • Import of data into your accountancy application (with all standard data formats)
  • Personalized issuing of the receipts, according to the visual identity of your company
  • Review of total or individual turnover per contract farmer (independent of the purchase point)
  • Central accounting, independent of the number of purchase points
  • Statistics and records review, with the possibility of generating the adapted reports, ready to be sent or printed

With our experience and after several years of testing, we are sure that this application could be successfully implemented in any company in this business. It is time saving, with minimal possibility to make a mistake, while efficiency is improved, to the satisfaction of our client.

Adjusted web solutions are more available than ever. Let IT works for you and translate a huge amount of data into the precious information! We are happy to meet new demands in creating new custom applications.

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