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Strictly business or fun business?

In addition to Facebook and Instagram, Ofir can help manage LinkedIn and TikTok pages. With more than 546 million users, LinkedIn is the largest professional social network specialized for business users, full of diverse resumes and an audience that presents itself with its experience, knowledge, and skills. On the other hand, TikTok is a social network teeming with entertaining content. Short videos lasting from 15 to 60 seconds are the main part of this network with the possibility of live stream, making GIFs with a lot of filters, effects, and background music.

Ambassadors of your company

  • We create and design custom posts,
  • We actively manage your LinkedIn page,
  • We write interesting and relevant content,
  • Advertising on LinkedIn,
  • We track and analyze trends on TikTok,
  • We create fun short video content,
  • We communicate with the followers of the page


LinkedIn is the largest professional social network specialized for business users, which makes it excellent for B2B (Business to Business) communication and advertising.

This is a professional platform, and it provides the entire spectrum of networking opportunities, and with it the potential for business expansion. There are currently more than 600,000 active users in Croatia and that number is growing every day, so no matter who your business partners are, it is almost certain that they are on LinkedIn. In addition to networking opportunities, it offers a variety of content that allows you to connect with your audience.

Experience, knowledge, and skills are by no means unnoticed on LinkedIn. By creating quality and interesting content, we will encourage the audience that follows your page to like and comment, and this will be visible on their feeds.

This social network has options for precise user targeting. The focus is not only on a certain age, gender, visited pages, or geographical place of residence, but also on the business aspect of the user. In summary, it matters where people from your target audience work or have previously worked, the size of their company, in which business sector they are employed, what level of education they have, what their work skills are, and similar parameters. The bonus of LinkedIn over Facebook or Instagram is that your posts will appear in the feeds of all your followers, regardless of their engagement with your posts.

This is a slightly more expensive advertising option compared to Facebook and Instagram. It is also interesting that you can use text, images, video ads, or a combination of all three options. It is essential to know how to use each ad and highlight its strongest asset and present it in the best way to a huge business audience.


In 2020, TikTok held the title of the fastest-growing social network, thanks to its one billion monthly active users. As for the Croatian market, brands have not yet flocked to this network, which leaves room for easier attraction of a potential audience. Although this social network has been on our market for some time, it is still considered new and unexplored. The platform itself is a source of video content with the possibility of adding various filters, effects, or background music, and audience engagement is indispensable.

In the early days of TikTok, users were trying to figure out how the algorithms work for videos to get to the main page that every user sees, which is called the “For You Page”, so they used the hashtags #ForYou or #fyp. Some thought that the content on the For You page was displayed in order for everyone, or that they were included there by accident. Little by little, the content began to adapt to the algorithm of this platform in June 2020, when the press release finally said what the criteria were.

When you first log into this social network, you immediately see a series of short videos without being asked about your interests and without following some of the popular tiktokers, but this is where the secret of the algorithm lies. At first, your feed will be completely random videos, but after a few days or even hours, your “For You” feed will be tailored to your characteristics and interests. Right here lies the opportunity to gain loyal followers and promote the brand.

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