What is E-learning?

A simple definition of e-learning is the execution of an educational process using information and communication technology. This way of learning is one of Ofir's greatest passions.

How can we help you?

  • Choosing a platform for E-learning
  • Implementation process
  • Support for working on the system
  • Development of IT literacy
  • Creation of quality and modern teaching

Ofir’s passion for developing a modern way of learning

Learning supported by information technology is one of Ofir’s greatest passions. Here, we do not only mean the maintenance of equipment or the creation of web solutions that will be used in classes, but also the general education of teachers, students, parents, and the wider community, which can and must participate in the educational process of an individual.

E-learning or just learning?

A simple definition of e-learning is the execution of an educational process using information and communication technology. Broader definitions are not easy to enumerate, because they most often include the introduction of possibilities that e-learning entails (independence from geographical and time conditioning, dynamism and interactivity, and so on). That’s fine and correct, but – for how long will we talk about E-learning? In 2022, is it necessary to emphasize the letter or the word electronic learning?

If we can agree that computer literacy is a part of general literacy and, for example, when choosing a candidate for a job, it no longer makes sense to emphasize his knowledge of working on a computer, there is no need to add e before learning. E-learning has become our everyday life. Accordingly, we are sure that the involvement of a professional company and our input can improve the educational course of a young person. Collected knowledge about e-learning, its application, and successful implementation in educational institutions is our resource, which we are happy to make available through various projects or one-off activities.

Previous experience includes working with stakeholders in the teaching process. We are especially pleased to work on teacher education, where through joint engagement we can contribute to higher quality and more modern teaching that will enable tomorrow’s professionals (today’s pupils and students) to have a competitive position in the labor market. From the strategy, and the choice of the e-learning platform, through the implementation process to support working on the system – Ofir can provide a package of services for a richer and more modern e-learning process! In addition to e-learning, we can also offer additional educational processes to enrich one’s skills or lay the foundations for entering the IT world.

You can see the list of our growing participation in projects and tasks related to ICT in education or business below.

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