The Ofir Company is very passionate about IT supported learning. It includes not only the equipment maintenance and creating web solutions used in the process of teaching, but also the general education of students, professors and parents, and the community as a whole participating in the process of individual education.

E-learning could be simply defined as the process of education by using IT and communication technologies. There are, however, wider and more comprehensive definitions which are not easy to enlist, often including possibilities implied by the e-learning (not being limited by the travel distance and time, its dynamism and interactivity, etc.). All of them are correct, but there is one question we keep asking ourselves – how long will we be talking about e-learning? Should we emphasize the letter e or the whole word?

If we agree that the computer literacy should be regarded as a part of the general literacy in these times, that is it not necessary to emphasize PC skills for jobs applications, is it still necessary to add the letter e in front of the word ‘learning’? E-learning has become an everyday activity. Therefore, we are sure that professional companies and our inputs could improve the education of young people. Our knowledge, its accumulation and successful and interesting implementation, both in schools and business surroundings, is the resource we are glad to put at your disposal in different projects and one-time activities.

Our experience includes working in the different parts of the education process. We are especially glad to educate the school professors, so that we could both engage in the more quality and modern teaching, which will enable today’s students to become more competitive in the job market. The Ofir Company offers the whole range of services for the modern e-learning, from the choice of strategies and platforms for e-learning, its implementation, to the support for the systemic work.

We enclose the list of our participations in the projects and tasks related to the IT and communication technologies:

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