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Online presence

Despite numerous social media networks presenting services and products, popularity of web sites has not declined. Anyone with a serious intention of finding information visits web sites. Static, dynamic or a web shop, internet presence with a website is always a good option to have, even if you don't have a digital service.

We focus on details

  • WordPress as a primary platform
  • Design according to clients wishes
  • Consultations regarding content preparation
  • Attention with search engine optimization

In our digital age, the online presence means everything – connecting with business partners and clients is unlimited.

Not having a web page is equal to being non-existent in the market because the customers are accustomed to discovering all they are interested in just a few clicks.

Be sure, if they cannot find you, they will find someone else. Today, creating a web page is more accessible, but it doesn’t mean it is less demanding. On the contrary – your presence in the process of its creation is more important than ever.

Why should you create a web page?

A web page is your modern visiting-card – it represents both you and your company. It is readily adjusted to the different conditions of your business – you can change any information whenever you want it.

In creating a web page, the costs and timeline with all the necessary elements are arranged in advance. Your budget is planned and you do not have sudden costs, so you can plan your investments in a long term.

On the other hand, your web page is available always and everywhere, which helps your company in gaining credibility. Your collaborators and clients can easily make detailed searches of your services and products or obtain any other information, get in touch with you and make first steps in your long-term cooperation.

After the conversation with our team and analyzing your needs, we will easily determine which type of web page is suitable for you. For example, it could be a business page, corporative web, portal, informative blog, web store or some other application, specially designed for you.

We offer the complete service of creating a web page, from its design to the installation. In addition to this, we could edit the contents of your page and visual structure of its elements, according to your business or intended identity. A special attention is paid to SEO (search engine optimization), responsiveness (being able to be viewed on all devices) and to the technical quality of the web page, which is periodically monitored.

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