Internet sales

Shopping online hasn't been a new thing for many years. But not every online shopping channel is the same. One of those channels are webshops, where you can buy from your chouch, without going to the store. Every webshop is different, not only in products they offer, but also in their features. Filtering, variations, payment options and many other elements can define how easy and comfortable shopping is. So, before getting into creating a webshop, we first need to think about all the necessary options.

Creating a custom webshop

  • WooCommerce as a primary platform
  • Design according to clients wishes
  • Defining all necessary functionalities
  • Connecetion to external systems

Electronically transacted commerce has become widespread on the internet, via pages functioning as e-stores, social media or by using mobile applications. The difference between the physical and e-commerce is not only in the comfort of “buying from the armchair”, but in the additional advantages of the e-commerce:

  • Unlimited working hours
  • Customers could search the products whenever they wish
  • Prices and descriptions of the products could be changed in a second
  • Products could be classified into the categories or price ranges, with products on a special discount, with the customer’s reviews
  • Integration of the online marketing with social media, which enables a more detailed monitoring of customers’ activities in e-stores

What do we offer?

Our aim is to make the customer buy in your e-store and to achieve this, our solution has to be both visually attractive and functional. With the help of our teams (design, web and marketing) we enable you to open your “virtual affiliates”.

Our approach to the clients ranges from collecting and analyzing your demands to the offering of our technical solution on a turn-key basis, ready for immediate use with its implementation and creating the marketing campaign.

Our first step is to define the target group of visitors. We will ask you the following questions:

  • Define the market of your e-store.
  • Describe the commerce (or selling) in your physical stores.
  • Do you possess ERP or some similar business software communicating with the e-commerce?
  • Could we merge some functions of ERP and CRM within e-commerce (issuing the bills, invoices, offers, orders, etc.)?
  • Could we make the e-commerce easier and more automized by using barcodes or QR codes or by optimizing the unnecessary circulation of documents?

After we carefully consider the answers, we offer our graphical offer respecting the outlines of your visual identity. After we agree the mutually acceptable solution, we start creating your web store, turning our preliminary offer into the web solution.

Technically, we choose the platform most suitable for your needs. At the moment, most of our solutions are combined with:

We consider it as a priority to connect your “off-line” commerce with the modern web store. Our solution were:

  • Complete connection using API interface (product/price synchronization, stocks in real time)
  • Partial synchronization using data file (periodical transfer of information)
  • Upgrading of the ERP systems and relying on their subsystems to manage web pages (example: www.odoo.com).

Online payment is a natural part of the e-commerce. For this service, we most often use WSPay system. Of course, we are well acquainted with home and external pay services, such as PayPal or Sofort Payment.

Finally, you can entrust us the care about the SEO and marketing services, with the maintenance of your e-store. It would be our great pleasure to round off our digital commerce story with you. Are you interested? We are waiting on your first enquiry.

For any additional questions, feel free to contact us at the phone numbers: