Smart boards

Modernized teaching

Long gone are the days when overhead projectors were used to display content during classes. As time changes, so does the technology in the classroom, which means that the interactive or smart boards have become the standard of today's teaching. This approach to spreading knowledge opens up many more possibilities than the classic green board, which makes it much easier to get students interested in the subject being taught.

Smart board set up

  • smart board acquisition
  • smart board set up
  • cabling between the computer and the board
  • installation of software support
  • calibration of the necessary devices

We believe that not so old generations still remember the overhead projectors from their school years. Unfortunately, such equipment could still be found in some schools. But the advance of technology dictates the changes in this segment of education too.

Smart boards became a standard in today’s schools, replacing the blackboards we all associate with classrooms. Interactive or smart boards rely in their work on computers and projectors, bringing to each teacher a completely digital experience of interaction and teaching. By visualizing the lecture, a smart board enables recording of all the elements that are written on it. Connected to the internet, they can easily share and distribute knowledge and information.

Our task in the segment of interactive boards is it procurement, supply, setting-up and installation. In choosing the optimal model for a classroom, the Ofir Company team proposes the optimal solution regarding the size of the classroom and its possibilities.

Like with any other equipment, we set it up for you and connect it with PC and other devices, taking special care about the security of electric power cables in the classroom and school setting. You could have a classroom of the future in your own classroom or office today.

It is not easy to start using your smart board if you do not have any experience with similar tools. Of course, we are ready to support you and provide you the basic setting up (installation of applications with their calibration and optimization). The last and most important step is the education of the teachers.

We are able to adapt our presentations and workshops to the previous knowledge of the participants and their position in the education hierarchy.

We love conducting dynamic workshops in which we counsel and guide both students and teachers how to use up their smart boards to its maximum. We are sure that education supported by the cutting edge technology is one of the most important elements in the development of young experts.

Our team is at your disposal to make the process of implementation of smart boards go smoothly. Your teaching will be refreshing, dynamic and interesting to the students and pupils.

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