Accounting program

Synesis is one of the most widely used accounting and business software in the Republic of Croatia. Depending on the size and requirements of the client, it is possible to acquire functionalities determined according to their scope, and Ofir's team performs all the necessary technical operations. In addition to many years of experience in technical work with this program, we have also become a partner of the Pupilla company, so it is now possible to purchase licenses for the program and modules through us.

Work support

  • analyzing the necessary modules
  • technical preparation
  • technical support
  • installations updates

We have no accountants in the Ofir Company, but we think it is necessary for our clients to provide them the technical support while working with the most common accounting and business software in Croatia – Synesis by the Pupilla Company.

The Synesis application is a modular software and it is possible to provide its functionality according to the demands of clients and depending on their size. Its interface is easily to be surveyed, so that each of 500 reports comes in the similar way. The advantages of the Synesis application are the possibility of a co-work with several users, entry according to the level of official permission, automized entry, harmonization and updating with the legal system of Croatia, reasonable costs of implementation.

The services we offer are related to the complete user support for the Synesis.

  • we analyze the needs, choose the modules and make a basic installation to your PC,
  • we prepare PC networks and equipment for the work in server/net surrounding with many users,
  • install updated and configure the parameters,
  • we make initial entries and adjustments according to the company information,
  • implement FINA and other certificates (fiscalization, e-bills, etc.),
  • find solutions for the technical problems closely cooperating with the accountancy servers and the Pupilla support.

After many years of experience with this application, we think it is necessary to highlight some important details for the unobstructed functioning, which you should keep in mind before the start of the Synesis application:

  1. SSD disks are recommended
  2. In the network environment, a gigabite net and separate servers are recommended
  3. Obligatory security backups (both physical and remote)
  4. In larger companies, it is recommended to use Synesis PRO modules with sectors of authorization within the application

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