Web applications

Access from any computer

Web applications are a great solution when you need access to business processes and informations from any computer with Internet accessibility. This means it is no longer required to be bound to a location where the the computer is, and gives room for a more flexible business. Size of the company makes no difference here, because application can be made for any type of business. What matters are specific functionalities in the application, which affects the final price of this solution.

PHP web applications

  • Laravel programming environment
  • Overall process optimization
  • Focus on scalability
  • Security
  • Potential for creating a mobile version

PC solutions, business programs and applications are progressing daily, and their usefulness, speed and costs are becoming more suitable to the modern times and challenges.

Several years ago, most frequent option was the installation of programs to the PC. All data were on that single device, with limited possibilities of sharing, processing and collaboration. However, this has significantly changed with the development and availability of the internet. Today, web applications are in the focus.

Simply speaking, the web application is a client-server software which the client runs in browser (such as IE, Firefox, Chrome, etc.). This also includes online retail sales, but we pay more attention to the client-customized applications , tailored according to your specifications (for example, management of the production, control of the resources, connecting several different applications, keeping records, etc.). The application we create for you is optimized to your needs!

Taking into consideration the totality of your business, hobby or personal interests, we offer the service of creation and development of the web application. Using primarily Laravel program support with MySQL data base, we are focused on optimizing the process which runs the application, with the ability to adapt to increased demands in time. By using advanced technology, cache techniques and data encryption, we achieve the speed and security of your web application. In addition to this, we take care of the dedicated (root) or VPS servers, adapted to your needs.

Recognizing the demand of the market, we offer the development of mobile adapted solutions. We base them on PhoneGap technology which makes excellent results in combination with Laravel (or Symphony). By developing a single application interface, we could cover both Android and iOS platforms with maintaining its performances and comfort. For our portfolio, visit ofir.hr. You could send us your demands and we will organize a meeting to discuss our cooperation.

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