Google Ads

It is an advertising platform in which the advertisers pay to display advertisements generated on key words and phrases, which people typed into the browsers. Due to the great internet competition and a constant fight for the position on the first page of any Google search, it is becoming more and more important to base advertising on the key words and to advertise on the pages which allowed the presentation of the Google ads. The best things with this type of advertisement are total control of the process of advertising and a pay-per-click pricing model.

Depending on the type of your ads, there are CPC (cost-per-click) and PPC (pay-per-click) advertising. Adwords enables two basic campaigns: Search and Display. Google Search Ads are a textual type of advertisements, showing above the regular organic results of a search, linked to your web page and are shown at the moment when your potential clients search keywords or terms related to your product or service. You pay only when the ad is clicked.

Google Display Ads are shown on all web pages in the world supporting Google Ads. By using this type of campaign, you choose to place your advertisement not only on Google, but also on the Google’s partner pages, such as YouTube and Gmail. Google Display network is mostly used for the presentation of the visual ads (banners) on the targeted pages. The ways of targeting are various. In contrast to the Google Search Ads, this advertising is paid after one thousand views of the ads (CPM, cost-per-mile or per-thousand-views).

Advantages of Google Ads

A huge advantage is a possibility to quantify (and thus analyse) all parameters.
– Pay-per-click: you pay only after the internet user clicks on the link and visits your page.
– Accurate targeting: ads are shown just in time when your product or service is needed. Control of your advertising budget: you can increase, decrease or cut your spending for marketing any time you want

What is our task?

First, we have to make inquiries about the market and the competing companies, so that we could see all your advantages and drawbacks and plan your campaign in the best possible way. The next step is to create and launch the campaign. During the campaign, constant optimization is necessary to come to the best results and optimal budget spending. Every campaign is created and led by Google certified specialists for Adwords marketing.

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