Google Ads

What are those Google Ads?

Got an idea to advertise on Google, but don't know what type of campaign you need? You have seen ads on the search results page, but also on different portals that say they are Google Ads? You are nervous because there are more and more advertisements on YouTube and now you want to advertise there too? Google as a platform allows you to place different types of ads - from those displayed on keywords to visual and video ads.

Planning, design, execution

  • Search, Display, YouTube Ads,
  • Research and preparation of content for advertising,
  • Testing and analyzing,
  • Regular campaign optimization,
  • Monthly reports or by agreement

Google advertising, advertising on Google, Google Ads – whatever you choose to call it, is a tool that allows advertisement placing on a wide area that includes Google products and their partner sites. This is significantly wider than, for example, Facebook and Instagram advertising. Because of this, Google divides advertising into two categories – Search and Display. The first type of ads are all those that can be displayed when Google is asked something, and the second type of ads are those that are mainly complained about because they fill websites with ads. Display ads are also complained about because they show on YouTube between or during videos.

Depending on the message that you want to place on the Google network, you should choose an appropriate strategy. So we can ask the question – did you know that you can be the first result on the Google search page even if the competition has a better SEO? This is due to the possibility of search advertising, i.e. displaying advertisements for appropriate keywords and phrases. In addition, payment is made only when the user clicks on the advertisement, i.e. the display itself is not charged.

The opposite of that are display ads, aka mostly visual ads that are displayed on pages where the display of said ads is enabled. There, the primary method of payment is per thousand views and additionally for clicks if visitors find your advertisement interesting enough that they decide to check what exactly is hidden behind it. The display ad network also includes the placement of advertisements on Gmail and the already mentioned YouTube.

It is important to emphasize, that regardless of whether it is about search or display ads, the Google Ads interface provides a variety of options for who to show ads to and when to show ads, and how much they would be paid per click or view. Also, as easy as it is to create a campaign and run ads, everything else requires a lot more time and work. From research to the preparation of materials, be it designing text ads or suitable visuals.

For example, one can take use of different types of keywords in search ads. It’s not the same when you enter only car glass or car glass replacement as an exact phrase when setting keywords. Automotive glass is a broad term that can activate even those ads that are not relevant if you are looking for a glass replacement service. Because of this, auto glass replacement is a more specific phrase that can display completely different ads.

Negative keywords are also something that can be very easily forgotten to use. When you don’t want to display an ad on certain words or phrases, then the insertion of negative words comes to the rescue. This is just one small part that requires analysis after the ad is released so that optimization can be started in order to achieve the best possible result – from a lower cost per click to a higher number of useful clicks.

It is also important to emphasize, that paying for Google Ads advertising will not affect the better position of the website’s organic display in the search results. Search engine optimization is a separate item that partially overlaps with advertising because the better the page is optimized for the user, the better effect it will have when advertising on the Google platform.

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