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Different platforms, different audiences

Facebook and Instagram are attractive platforms that result in a successful return of investment in advertising. Because Facebook has been on the scene much longer than most social networks, it has a far better reach of consumers and active users. The Meta family also includes Instagram, which, although growing rapidly, does not have the same user base as its older brother Facebook. These two platforms are now divided by generational separation, so Instagram is the "mecca" of the younger population, while Facebook is generally aimed at all age groups.

Our package for your social networks

  • Preparation of graphic materials for posts and advertisements
  • Copywriting for posts and advertisements
  • Finding and selecting the right audience
  • Preparation and implementation of promotional campaigns
  • Monitoring and analyzing campaign results


Whether for a whole company or just one person, Facebook offers three different options when creating an identity – page, group or profile. When it comes to community management, we often encounter a big mistake: using a Facebook profile for business purposes. In addition to the fact that creating a profile gives you a limited number of friends, only 5,000, you are also violating Facebook’s terms of use. Identity in the form of a profile is intended only for a physical person, i.e. private use, so when you use it for business purposes, it may result in the permanent removal of your profile. We always suggest that our clients create a page and/or group to make their business presence more serious.

After you create the page, fill in all the fields, place an attractive cover photo, and highlight your company’s logo, all that remains is for someone to discover your product or service. This is not enough nowadays because to have a successful Facebook page you need to work on it constantly. One of the most common mistakes we encounter is periodic site maintenance. This would mean that you have frequent, perhaps even daily activity in one month, while during the next month you have several posts. When you notice this, you will probably return to the earlier and more frequent activity pattern, but by then the audience has forgotten you and may have gone to the competition. That’s what community managers are for – they will design a detailed long-term plan for your presence on social networks and keep it constant. We will not lack time or creativity to ensure that your networks are continuously active and filled with new, creative content, and thus your brand is present online.

When it comes to new Facebook pages, a well-developed plan is essential because organic reach is almost non-existent. Posting content occasionally on social networks such as Facebook is not enough to achieve the desired reach. That’s why it’s important to create engaging posts, such as videos, that others will share so that your content reaches a wider audience. A paid strategy is an important and indispensable part of your digital marketing too.

Facebook allows you to target your audience based on demographics, location, education level, job, interests, and more, which are powerful options. It is even possible to target the audience according to life events, which would mean that you can target, for example, people who have just had a baby. Considering all these parameters, the audience is defined and ads driven by the desired results are placed.

Facebook advertising or Facebook marketing is an attractive digital advertising tool mainly due to the low cost of campaigns. Given that one of our main tasks is to monitor changes and keep up with them, with us, you will always be up to date according to the latest possibilities of Facebook advertising in the best possible way.


Instagram used to be a simple social platform for sharing visual content, while today it is one of the most popular social networks. As a result, it has become a powerful marketing tool. Due to its visual nature, Instagram offers excellent possibilities for presenting products or services such as general photos and videos, but also Stories, Reels, IGTV, and Guides. It’s a fact that Instagram users are more engaged than average social media users and are also true online shoppers – according to a recent study, 72% of Instagram users said they  decided to purchase something after seeing it on Instagram.

Organic reach on Instagram is different compared to Facebook. A great way to practice this is, for example, by creating Instagram Reels. Reels are fun vertical format videos in which you can creatively express your brand story, educate your audience and discover people who might love your brand. The maximum duration of a Reel is 30 seconds, and within that time, in addition to the visual content itself, it is possible to put the background music that Instagram offers or use your own sound. Because of the possibilities it provides, Instagram Reels became a favorite partner in winning clients. The following popular content is certainly short videos of often less formal content, which we also provide. They allow us to have a slightly more casual tone, while with ads, we have to be completely professional.

Advertising on Instagram is both simple and complex. Instagram offers several options for audience targeting. However, we can create customized audiences, allowing more accurate user targeting. The process of creating Instagram ads is the same as Facebook ads. Here, we are talking about extremely powerful audience targeting options based on demographics, education, job, location, interests, and lifestyle. Facebook Ads Manager as a tool allows us to define the audience clearly, and we can also do so-called remarketing – target your loyal audience, aka users who have already visited your website, in future posts.

Instagram advertising allows us to present your brand to existing and future buyers more casually. Certainly one of the “side products” of Instagram advertising is a better reputation of your brand, and a better relationship with the audience and detailed statistics of each promotion are always available. Let us turn your Instagram into an actual digital exhibition.

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