Office 365

Office in the cloud

The Office 365 package does not only refer to the use of well-known Microsoft programs for working in the cloud but e-mails as well. Because of all the options available, it is necessary to properly configure everything in order to be able to work without difficulties. In addition, we can offer clients training for using the service package that the company chooses.

Preparing the service

  • customization of the Office 365 service
  • domain integration
  • setting up the team interface
  • education

Microsoft Office 365 allows use of the Office tools (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access) as a cloud-based software. No matter where you are or which device you use, your documents and emails are always with you. Sharing schedules, office documents or communiqués will be easier of you establish Office 365 as your virtual business office.

Depending on the company’s needs and number of employees, as well as the functionality, an optimal model of service is defined. The Offir Company team helps you to optimize Office 365 service to your needs, ranging from the subscribing model (and comparing it to the individual Office licences) to more demanding installations and adaptations of the team interface and staff education.

The clients’ FAQ are usually related to the Outlook usage within Office 365 package. Integrating your domain within Office 365 solution is an ideal scenario for your emails. After MX and DNS inscription adjustments on your domain, it will become available to the Microsoft Cloud. All emails will have your-name@your-domain form, while your allocated disc space (between 2 and 100 GB, depending on your subscription model) will be available for data storage.

Managing different email accounts is also centralized – therefore, any administrator (within your company or from our team) will be able to make interventions do to the company growth (such as adding the inboxes, email addresses, redirecting, forwarding, making groups, etc.).

All your email accounts will be synchronized and correctly configured (sygnature, address, schedule) and you will have access from any device (mobile, PC, tablet). Even if you are temporarily offline, the Office 365 tool would experience no difficulty, and final adjustments to the servers would be performed after you are connected to the internet.

We should also keep in mind the security guaranteed by the Microsoft servers. Office 365 is adapted to the ISO 27001 standards, SAS 70 type I and II revisions and is certified by EU Safe Harbor Certification. 128 bits encryption will prevent unauthorized access to your email accounts. Your mails will be automatically scanned with updated antimalware and anti spam solutions. This will result in your focus on the “clean” and secure mails.

Finally, it must be said that Office 365 is not the cheapest solution, but if your company needs a complete security, availability and to be able to adapt to increased demands, this is one of the best options. Modern business is based on a rounded up and complete service, which gives an additional seriousness and ease in the competitive marketing environment. Our help in using this software package will enable you to adapt quickly and easily and to have a prosperous business. Send us your demands so that we could make you a free costs estimate.

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