Wireless and wired network

Information communication technology

Nowadays, a computer network is nothing new, but its installation significantly affects the work of a company. Inadequate settings and/or an insecure network is not a computer network but a serious flaw that can harm devices on said network. When it comes to computer networks, we cover the complete process of consultation and implementation, upgrading or modification of computer network systems.

Preparation of the computer network

  • analysis of the current state of IT infrastructure
  • sketching a potential solution
  • cost estimate, work schedule
  • installation of a wire network
  • setting up a wireless computer network
  • network configuration

Since the cost of IT had dropped, PC networks are no longer available only to the corporations and extremely rich companies. By making the network technology more available, the communication between the devices in any office has become relatively cheaper and this trend will continue in the future.

On the other hand, having a PC network which is not configured and secured is equal to not having it at all. It is especially import to stress the security of the wireless networks because clients often create a “weak” password or even do not make them at all, leaving their systems vulnerable. After we noticed this common mistake, we saw the need for the improvement in this IT segment.

Today, we are proud to be able to consult our clients in all IT segments. As for the PC network, we are able to encompass the complete process of consulting and implementation, upgrading and modification of PC networks. In sum – from analyzing the needs to the cabling and putting into operation.

We could enlist all the phases or tasks related to the project of creating a PC network:

  • Analysis of the existing information infrastructure in relation to the client’s demands and budget
  • Outline of a potential solution and optimization based on the available technology and devices
  • Costs estimation
  • Planning the installation with deadlines
  • Installation of a wired network (making a project, cabling, installation of network server racks, toggle switches or crimp-on connectors, with a neat cable arrangement in the office)
  • Installation of a wireless network – establishing a WiFi signal, connecting the devices, security protection on all levels, control of its functioning, giving the authorization, stability of the wireless signal (additional AP devices combined with directed long-range aerials)
  • Configuration of all network devices (security and administrative configuration, internet filter and intranet traffic, authorized access to certain web pages and networks, depending on the devices, internet and download speed on a particular location, group authorizations and mutual network communication)
  • Servers – depending on the needs and possibilities of a client, installation of Windows or Linux servers, connecting them to the network, enabling DHCP, DNS, Active Directory, File Sharing or other protocols and functions. Maintenance: on call or monthly, with the supervision of its work and upgrading if necessary. Installation and technical maintenance of software solutions in the server environment (Synesis, Pantheon, Luceed).
  • Remote access – installation of high quality VPN, VNC or Remote Desktop protocols which enable clients to communicate from the remote locations, offices or in the field.

Informatic system is in the service of optimizing your business processes. Our task is to provide you an affordable technical installation and implementation of your PC network. You will be able to dedicate to your business, while the Ofir Company will provide you with the technical support!

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