Synesis on the cloud and VPS

Why Synesis on the cloud?

Slow operation of Synesis, unavailable or slow support and high costs of server maintenance are the most common challenges that prompted us to provide our clients with a solution that will include the most important thing - speeding up Synesis work, cost rationalization and consequently reducing business costs. In addition, our clients emphasize the advantage of Ofir as a partner that can fulfill (almost) all needs for IT services, as well as business digitalization.

Advantages of Synesis on the cloud

  • the fastest possible operation of Synesis
  • the possibility of working from any location in the world
  • greater security and data protection with daily backup
  • daily support available
  • significantly lower costs
  • maximum functionality regardless of the number of users

Get the fastest possible operation of Synesis, cost rationalization and fast support

VPS Synesis – it is a dedicated virtual machine with the fastest NVmE disks where the speed of operation is guaranteed.

Our own servers and a team of trained and experienced employees enable precisely defined, local support with no more waiting for days for challenges to be resolved.

With a quick transition to Synesis cloud business, we offer a free Synesis technical review.

Try using it for free for 14 days, we guarantee you won’t give up!

Synesis on the cloud transforms business

The fastest possible operation of Synesis

Minimal performance and extremely slow work speed are the main reasons why accounting organizations increasingly use cloud services. With the progress of the company, the need for more and more resources and working memory appears, and thus the level of performance decreases. Synesis in the cloud provides your accounting with the fastest Synesis work with maximum performance, and all the data necessary for work can be accessed in just a few seconds.

The possibility of working from any location in the world

All that is needed to access data on the cloud is an Internet connection. As a result, employees who work at remote branches or even from home can easily access the necessary data via any device – mobile phone, tablet, desktop computer or laptop.

Greater security and data protection with daily backup

The cloud encrypts all data transmitted over the network and stored in databases, thus ensuring their protection. This way, unauthorized persons will not be able to access your accounting information. In addition, different security settings can be set on the cloud depending on your needs.

Synesis data stored on the cloud allows for easy backups. In case of data loss, you can be sure that it will be able to be recovered, because data is automatically backed up every day.

Daily support available

Using our VPS Synesis service provides you with daily available customer support in case of any problems or changes. Monitoring and maintenance of the system are performed to ensure the quality functioning of the complete service.

Significantly lower costs

Synesis in the cloud does not require large investments in expensive equipment and technicians for its maintenance, so it is a much cheaper option. All investments and equipment maintenance is performed by the provider of this service, in this case – Ofir Synesis support.

Maximum functionality regardless of the number of users

Given that Synesis in the cloud enables its fastest operation with maximum performance, it can be used simultaneously by all employees without noticing any system load.

VPS Synesis packages that we offer to users

Packages are determined according to the number of users

S-min (package for up to 3 users)
S-standard (package for up to 5 users)
S-max (package for up to 10 users)
Customized package – if no package meets your needs, we are able to make an analysis and propose the optimal solution for your business

VPS Synesis

  • VPN dedicated access for all users
  • connecting local printers
  • daily backup
  • we provide all the prerequisites for the fastest possible work in Synesis
  • use your own Synesis license
  • the possibility of connecting directly to your local network
  • as the business expands, you are able to expand your resources and maintain speed
    our assistance for moving to the cloud is included in the price

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