GLS Delivery Plugin

30. June 2022.

If your business is related to delivering packages, you must have had trouble with the whole process at least once. We have noticed that countless times with our clients, so we recommend a practical solution – GLS Delivery Plugin.

GLS Delivery plugin is a WooCommerce plugin that is very easy to use and allows custom GLS labels. This plugin easily generates and prints GLS labels, making the package delivery process much easier.

GLS Delivery plugin characteristics

GLS delivery plugin gives access to delivery in just one click, meaning that with just one click you can start printing labels, sending SMS and e-mail messages and start courier services. The plugin allows printing only one label as well as multiple label printing. The process of printing labels is much faster now, which simplifies and shortens the whole delivery process.

The plugin also includes a code for tracking shipments, notifications about the delivery status of packages that arrive to customers via SMS and notifications about picking up deliveries that arrive to you via SMS and email. The plugin is available for use in several countries across Europe such as Hungary, Croatia, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany and Austria.

The plugin is characterized by simple integration, i.e. a simple installation process via WordPress and also API integration, meaning you can connect it automatically with the delivery comp’s API.

The plugin can be tested before its purchase. This will give you a temporary license that expires after 3 days. You can find the full version of the plugin without restrictions on the official website.

To test the plugin, please use the following information:
License Key: E9409-EFE0A-19BB6-35300-4A4E (valid for 3 days)
Email: Your valid email
Phone number: Your valid phone number

How to install

To use this plugin, you must have:

  • GLS account, including username and password
  • GLS ID

Before using the plugin, it is necessary to activate it. This process is done by configuring the plugin settings that can be found in WooCommerce > Settings under the GLS Settings tab. There, all configuration fields need to be filled in for the connection to the GLS API server to be successful. In the license field you need to enter the license key, which is obtained by purchasing the plugin, or you can enter the test license key. In the second field you need to enter your e-mail address and in the third field your mobile phone number.

After installing and activating the plugin, the following will appear in your WordPress backend:

  • new Control Panel tab located in WooCommerce > Settings
  • new configuration options for GLS Print Label
  • a new print action button located in WooCommerce > Orders