IT support

IT support could probably be one of the most ungrateful roles. You have to admit – there are always people in your family or in a wide circle of friends who’s “good at computers”. Even most serious companies keep in touch with an acquaintance who jumps up, from time to time, when the problem with PCs arises.

In the past, it was widely believed that PCs are more oriented towards an individual, who does not need to possess too large IT knowledge. Today, an average user has to master higher levels of computing literacy and be well-versed on various PC equipment. However, we are still talking about the PC usage, not PC maintenance.

Our role in the IT support is based on prevention, rather than intervention. Our aim is to make sure that your IT system functions well. The Ofir Company directs its efforts towards the stability of the PC equipment. Therefore, periodic check-ups are simply no more sufficient. The PC equipment has to be upgraded, software has to be updated and servers kept far away from the inquisitive eyes. You can stay calm with security back-ups, even in the age of the wide spread malwares, while the remote connecting is just a shortcut on your desktop in your virtual office, wherever you may be. Documenting personal data and their encrypting for the selected group employees is just one of the procedures you have to respect, with the licences for the programs you use.

Our standardized procedures of check-ups, surveillance and removal of the IT problems are fruits of the fifteen year experience of the Ofir Company. We offer support to our clients using all modern and not-so-moderns means of communication (email, Skype, Viber, TeamViewer, phone, fax, etc.). If necessary, we are ready to come to your location as soon as possible.

We make personal contacts with our clients, no matter the job we have to do. As a part of the IT support, we also offer the remote support and we are virtually present in all parts of Croatia, and even abroad.

Don’t forget – we are here for you even when your neighbour’s kid is “too busy”.

Your Ofir Support.

Jet Osijek d.o.o. - Tungsram i GE distributor

Makler d.o.o. - fish products retail

Vodoopskrba d.o.o., Darda - potable water production and distribution

Urbos d.o.o., Osijek - design office

Hidroenerga d.o.o. - machine project design and surveillance

Isusovačka klasična gimnazija, Osijek - secondary school

Općina Darda - municipality

Gradsko društvo Crvenog križa Osijek - nonprofit organization

Centar za odgoj i obrazovanje; Ivan Štark - educational institution

Stomatološka ordinacija Anastazija Aščić - dentist’s

PSC Slavonija d.o.o. - Citroën distribution and repair

PSC Osijek d.o.o. - Opel and Chevrolet distribution and repair

PSC Osijek d.o.o. - Opel and Chevrolet distribution and repair

Bandrasta d.o.o. Osijek - construction industry and finishing

Lođa, Sarvaš - construction industry

Računalnom edukacijom protiv marginalizacije - IT classrooms equipment

Caffe Bar; Monte Carlo - restaurant services

City d.o.o. - restaurant services

Restoran Muller - restaurant services

M.V.P. obrt - accountancy

Mako d.o.o. - textile industry

Telur d.o.o., Osijek - electro-technical products

Centar za mir, nenasilje i ljudska prava, Osijek - nonprofit organization

Foto Kopi Faks Osijek - distribution and services

Svijet tonera d.o.o. - refurbishing original toners

Kalos - commerce and services

Ad Hoc Osijek - foreign language school and translation services

Stoling d.o.o. - production of doors

Odvjetnički ured Dubravka Pešo - lawyer’s office

Potestas promet d.o.o. - tools, machines and electro-technical equipment

Zepter Insurance d.o.o. - Osijek - insurance

OPG Živanović Đorđe - family agribusiness

Obrt Marin Skender - services

Parangal d.o.o. - production, services and commerce, hygiene

Aktiva - accountancy and business consulting

Grabić - promet d.o.o. - road traffic, retail

Agrobeketinci d.o.o., Beketinci - commerce

Enigma Webdesign, Netherlands - design studio

Asanator d.o.o. - hygene and deratization

TETRAEDAR d.o.o. - construction

Nekretnine Osijek - real estate agency

Pacta - accountancy and other services

Pouzdanost j.d.o.o. - retail

Osnovna škola Lug - primary school

PNEU-REMIX d.o.o. - distribution

Lučka Uprava Osijek - Osijek port authority office

Superbar j.d.o.o. - catering

Profiagrar d.o.o. - agricultural machinery trade

Općina Antunovac - municipality

Capital Hook - engineering and consulting

Horeca-M d.o.o. - textile goods production

Animatravel - travel agency

Anteo automobili - cars trade

CNZD (Centar za nestalu i zlostavljanu djecu Osijek) - institution for the protection of abused children

COBE d.o.o. - design and web agency

Ecodry j.d.o.o - exclusive representative of the German company ECODRY in Croatia

Dvd Branjin Vrh - volunteer fire company

MAĐARIĆ & LUI - lawyer’s office

Zaklada Slagalica - local communities development trust

German d.o.o. - real estate agency

Gumi centar Vulkan - tyre repairing

Gumi Major - tyre repairing

Zaklada Economica Hungarica - trust

Inchoo - eCommerce development agency

KDV Eden - kindergarten

Bubelina d.o.o. - foreign language school

Tilia, vl. Katica Ivić - service and trade

Tim parketara d.o.o. - parquet floorer

Carta d.o.o. - paper, cardboard and packing material production

Adriatic Security d.o.o., Vinkovci - money transfer and security

P.A.Duro d.o.o. - production

Rezident, Osijek - accountancy

Starline, Osijek - travel agency

Alfa & Omega, Osijek - accountancy

GAS d.o.o., Osijek - car parts

Pumpa servis, Osijek - equipment and tools wholesale

Odvjetnički ured Zoran Subotić, Beli Manastir - lawyer’s office

Općina Čepin - municipality

KPTO Lambada, Vinkovci - tailor’s and knitter’s

O.Š. August Šenoa, Osijek - primary school

Vaš Doktor, Osijek - commerce

Odvjetnički ured Mario Pavičić, Našice - lawyer’s office

Ovlašteni ured inženjera Stjepan Tompić, Beli Manastir - engineering service

Saan, Josipovac - haberdashery

L.D. Jastreb, Popovac - hunters’ society

Savić To Dalj - commerce

Aurea grupa d.o.o. - marketing services

Udruga oboljelih od Crohnove bolesti, Osijek - Crohn’s disease patients society

Osimpex d.o.o. - ironmonger’s

Udruga romskog prijateljstva Luna - Society of the Romani Friendship

Agrokonzalting obrt - accountancy

Očna optika Lens Korzo - optometrist’s and photographer’s equipment

Apimel d.o.o. - food industry

Rotary E-klub Hrvatska -

Udruga za podršku žrtvama i svjedocima Vukovar - Society for the support for war victims

Overleg j.o.o. - consulting and services

Pirini d.o.o. - wholesale

2B uslužni obrt, Osijek - trade and services

Enko šport d.o.o., Slovenia - trade and services

Odvjetnik Atila Čokolić, Osijek - lawyer’s office

Mobilerevolution GMBH, Switzerland - electro-technical equipment

Supplyrevolution, Switzerland - spare parts

Sindikat, Gradska uprava grada Osijeka - labour union

Parketplastika d.o.o. - building materials trade

Atelier Picasso - artist’s studio

Lumar d.o.o. - projecting, production and equipment service in the process industries

Cornus d.o.o. - timber wholesale

Osnovna škola Dobriša Cesarić - primary school

Recupero d.o.o. - accountancy, book-keeping and auditing

ORBIS - management

Ordinacija opće medicine dr. Marta Stanić - general practitioner

CODDING d.o.o. - trade

HB PRODUKT d.o.o. - aluminium composite panels

Mediteran Security d.o.o., Zadar - protection service

Autoservis Robert - garage and car repair

Vinolog d.o.o. - beverage trade

Regionalna zaklada za lokalni razvoj Zamah - local development trust

Leopold - logistics and transport

Melius - transport

Metal Invest - trade and services

Million d.o.o. - book-keeping

Opeka - building materials trade

Plava Tvornica - informatics company

Profil Art d.o.o. - PVC and aluminium composite panels

Turistička zajednica grada Vukovara - Tourist Info Office

Vinkoprom - trade

Poslovni turizam - specialized media

Petra - dry cleaner’s

Solis, vl. Mirjana Alagić - accountancy and trade

Metal invest d.o.o. - production

Max metal korpe i servis d.o.o. - production

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