PC maintenance

Computer equipment maintenance

Technical support for computer systems enables quick elimination of problems, either remotely or by our team's direct arrival. With many years of experience, we can help eliminate and prevent problems on a wide range of devices used in homes or businesses. We also provide consultations regarding the procurement of equipment for work with various upgrades and configurations if the need arises.

Work without difficulty

  • telephone, online or “live” support for computer systems, equipment and peripherals
  • elimination and prevention of difficulties
  • consultations
  • computer equipment service

One of our first business activities had to do with PC equipment and network infrastructure of business and private subjects. Our brand was created on these activities and we made long-term agreements which are still valid today. PC equipment maintenance is part of our business in which we are able to offer a superb, fast and flexible service in the regions of Slavonija and Baranja. In addition to this, our remote support is growing and we are present in all parts of Croatia and abroad.

Our technical support to the IT system in the city of Osijek is one of the standard kits we offer to clients. In case that the remote support is temporarily blocked (by phone, email or Skype), we offer our immediate help within 48 hours (depending on the priority). Network equipment maintenance is also included in the price – cabling, upgrading and optimisation are the constant tasks of our team in order to ensure the optimal functioning of the components of your information system.

Consultations and cooperation in the development and growth of your company’s infrastructure is an added value of our service. Whatever service we offer, we like to keep in touch with our client’s developments in the IT sector. We think that a reliable partner in PC and network equipment maintenance is a prerequisite for a successful modern business. Our focus is thus to improve our services and adapt them to our clients.

Our list of services:

  • Telephone, online and “live” support for PC systems, PC equipment and peripheral units
  • Prevention and removal of software malfunctioning, viruses and malwares
  • Consulting, implementation, upgrade and modification of PC and network systems (from analyzing the needs to providing them with optical fibres and initializing the systems)
  • Monthly or regular periodical maintenance of the equipment (upon the agreement with a client) or upon the calls
  • Servicing of PCs, laptops, printers, network devices
  • Analyzing costs of fixed-line and mobile phones
  • Other IT services, according to the needs of clients

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