Mako d.o.o., Osijek

Mako d.o.o., Osijek


Creating a webshop

The implementation of the project included:

  • adaptation of the website, development and implementation of the web store
  • complete photoshoot of the new collection
  • photo processing and adaptation for the web
  • design and integration of product barcode systems and their management
    product entry and category of the initial “Feel the Adventure” collection
  • creating access accounts and training employees of Mako d.o.o. for webshop management
  • Obtaining bank approvals related to online payments
  • webshop testing and monitoring; daily maintenance


The project required a sustainable approach, given that the introduction of new products is planned continuously for each new collection. Numerous variations of colors, sizes, and patterns of clothes had to be adapted to the user experience, meaning they had to be harmonized for searching through filters and search engines, as well as for creating barcodes.

In addition to the above, it was necessary to harmonize the state of the existing stock of the physical store with the state of the webshop. We have created special e-mails that serve as notifications that arrive at the moment when a product is sold in the webshop so that it can be removed from the inventory of the physical store.


The webshop was successfully implemented and employees were trained for independent product entry, barcoding and maintenance of the webshop stock. In the first month of its launch, the website recorded a significant increase in traffic and the first revenues from online sales. Thanks to this implementation, Mako d.o.o. plans to increase production for the webshop’s stock needs for their next collection.

The company Mako was founded in 1990 and has been operating since then as one of the most famous manufacturers of knitted products. To this day, it works extremely successfully in the field of design and production of cotton and wool knitwear. Mako products can be found in three stores, two in Osijek and one in Slavonski Brod. In addition to its own retail stores, the company also has a large franchise network and distributes goods to boutiques and chains throughout Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The package of services that Ofir provides to the client Mako d.o.o. includes: IT equipment maintenance, website creation and maintenance, search engine optimization (SEO) and marketing.

With the development of business and frequent inquiries from customers regarding ordering products, the need to enable online shopping was noticed. As Mako d.o.o. operated exclusively through physical branches, after the initial agreements, at the end of 2018, we started creating and implementing a webshop.

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Wordpress, PHP, MySQL, jQuery

Job description:

The web store was successfully implemented and the employees were trained for independent entry of products and maintenance of web store stocks.


WordPress, PHP, MySQL, jQuery

Job description: