Veleučilište “Lavoslav Ružička” u Vukovaru

Veleučilište “Lavoslav Ružička” u Vukovaru

Creating an application for student enrollment included:

  • Preparation of a database with a high level of security or encryption.
  • Clear and simple interface for entering a large number of data by the Academic administration.
  • Intuitive and responsive interface for students and entry of all necessary data prescribed by law.
  • Possibilities of data import/export and detailed analysis.
  • Additional interventions by the Academic administrator in case the data is incorrect (sending e-mails, reminders).
  • Optimization and testing of work speed under heavy system load.


Taking into account the current way of enrollement, it was necessary to bring together all student and administrative services in order to contribute to the optimal solution with their suggestions and experience. The development team of Ofir then technically shaped the proposals and presented them through a dynamic application.

The shorter deadline and the desire of students to enroll as quickly as possible in several cases caused the need for quick technical support. Since we supervised the entire enrollment process, all problems were promptly eliminated, and until recently high school students successfully became freshmen.


Despite the short deadline for realization and implementation, we successfully rose to the challenge of student enrollment for the College of Applied Sciences “Lavoslav Ružička” in Vukovar. The application did a very good job, therefore we can rate the project as successful. Additional advantages of digital enrollment are faster enrollment process and less time consumption. We believe that in the future there will be further development of the application and new opportunities that the College will provide to its students.

College of Applied Sciences “Lavoslav Ružička” in Vukovar is one of the constantly growing institutions of the eastern part of the Republic of Croatia. With its educational programs, it recognizes the needs of the market, and this is best proven by the number of enrolled students, which grow year after year. The studies are arranged in accordance with the Bologna Process and the regulations of the Republic of Croatia, and upon completion of professional studies, students acquire higher education and professional bachelor’s degrees, i.e. graduate physiotherapist.

Considering the epidemiological situation, the College wanted to make all technical possibilities available, since it will facilitate enrollments, especially for students from distant places of residence. After a detailed analysis of the process and a joint agreement on the optimal approach, the project of realizing a web solution for online enrollment of students was started.

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Wordpress, PHP, MySQL, jQuery

Job description:

The web store was successfully implemented and the employees were trained for independent entry of products and maintenance of web store stocks.


WordPress, PHP, MySQL, jQuery

Job description: